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11.20.12 - Hagalla Special - Contest "Bellydancer of the World" COMPLETE SCHEDULE
11.15.12 - "Ahlan wa sahlan's" RAQIA HASSAN in Germany!
11.14.12 - Who can be seen on OPEN STAGE
11.11.12 - "I love egyptian style" - VANESA MORENO
11.10.12 - 6th Contest "Bellydancer of the world" - PRIZES AND AWARDS
11.09.12 - Powerbocking bearded ladies - THE SMOKY EYES
11.08.12 - 6th Contest "BELLYDANCER OF THE WORLD"
11.06.12 - World Dance Stars at the 20th Orient. Festival of Europe, SILVIA SALAMANCA
11.05.12 - Dance the Bazaar - ANITA BLAKE
11.04.12 - Where do these beautiful VIDEOS come from?
11.03.12 - Contest "BELLYDANCER OF THE WORLD" starts earlier!
11.02.12 - "Your life is like a white sheet of paper" - MAYA SAPERA
10.31.12 - Warrior and Seductress - NADIA NIKISCHENKO
current Festival -News:
20 years of Oriental Festival of Europe, 20 years THE festival of world stars, 20 years of the biggest festival in Europe. The way to this anniversary was long, but the success more than justifies every effort. No wonder that the embedded contest "Bellydancer of the World" is one of the most important on earth, as it carries its name proper. Artists of all six continents come to show their very best. Last not least the bazaar on three floors provides literally anything the world of belly dance has to offer. If you miss this great festival you can't be of this world!
Homepage: 20th Oriental Festival of Europe:
Oktober, 31st 2012


When Nadia Nikishenko enters stage big surprises await you. Her costumes are always eye catchers und are created from the rich treasure chest of human history. And the stories she dances in these costumes are marvellous like movies. Below she tells us a little about the two pieces she did at 19th Oriental Festival of Europe in Duisburg, Germany last year, “Winds of Change” and “Anthony & Cleopatra”. In the first one she transforms from a shepherd into a soldier after a war helicopter has slaughtered her flock. In the second piece you see her as Roman general Anthony, but when she turns to the other side, she is Cleopatra the Egyptian queen.
You bet that she has something similar exiting in store for us this year at 20th Oriental festival in Duisburg, Germany.

“Dear Marcel, so let’s talk about the ideas that I put into my shows. I've always admired strong-willed personalities with deep emotions. Our life is very unstable, things change all the time and not always for the best. When changes come, it's our will power that comes up and helps us adopt to new life conditions.

So, when I created my fusions 'Wind of Change" and "Anthony & Cleopatra" I wanted strong characters to appear on stage and draw the audience into their story line. I wanted people to feel the power that we have in us. I also know that transformation is one of the most exciting show acts on stage. So I came to the conclusion that transformation with sudden change of characters is in complete harmony with my ideas.

Another thing that I keep in mind is that dancers should show the audience the best things they can do. I am good with all kinds of weapon & accessories, so I am lucky to use these skills to make my stories very realistic. Why not use it?

I wanted to dance with a real roman sword. I love its form & long history. So I was looking for a real character in the history of Roman Empire to use in my dance story. As I represent Oriental dance art, the story had to be connected with Egypt. It's natural that Anthony & Cleopatra were the ones that came to my mind. I decided to make a performance where I show the most essential features of these two persons - strong warrior and queen seductress. The transformation of the costume was left to my mom's consideration, as she is my designer and best assistant in everything. Well, in Duisburg people had the chance to see the result of our work.
Marcel, let's not open all the cards to the audience just at one time. Let's leave something for later. If I tell them all the little details of how I do it, the show will not have its interest anymore. I guess you agree with me.

I've got a piece of "Antony & Cleopatra" on youtube. I don't know about "Wind of Change", I haven't put it on youtube, because it's not time yet. I'd like to perform it before putting there for everybody.

cNadia Nikischenko
November, 2nd 2012


Maya Sapera is an extra class dancer and she knows every little bit of the Indian dance styles, more so she always finds (and composes) new facets. Last year she made first place in her category at the contest “Bellydancer of the World”. 2012 at the jubilee of Oriental Festival of Europe she will perform at the gala. These are more than one good reason to interview her and ask her, for starters, to repeat her wonderful speech when she was presented her trophy last year.

How does a Belgian girl find to Indian dance?

I think the question was. Do you think it is possible for a western woman to learn Indian dance? It doesn't matter if you are Belgian, German or Indian. It doesn't matter if you look dark, chocolate, white or blue. You have to work and give your whole life and soul to the dance. Then you will reach somewhere. It is normal that there will be more Indians who dance Indian dance on a higher level, like it is normal that more Europeans dance classical ballet on a higher level. Since there are
more Indian girls growing up with Indian dance and more European girls growing up with classical ballet. In my youth I was the only girl doing Indian dance in Belgium in a regular way. Of course if you study the dance of another culture, you have to emerge also in the culture. I have an Indian husband (musician), speak the language and keep discovering more and more levels in the culture.

After the enormous success of Bollywood in the Western world it has become a little bit quiet about this genre. Do you see this also, and what could be the reasons?

Yes, indeed I see that it is more difficult to have new beginners. When it was new the colours, the joy of the dance, the rhythm made people happy and enthusiastic. Of course like with every discipline to do it good it needs some work and commitment. Since it is coming from a total different culture, this alien culture has to be understood to execute these dances in a beautiful way. Nevertheless once students join the second level they stick to it for a long time. It’s also the media which make things happen. When Bollywood was a fashion, I was called regularly for TV, radio and newspapers. Now this has reduced itself to approximately ten times a year. Momentarily “Lindy Hop” has called the crowds in. In our society and time people like to taste a bit from everything.

What will we see from you on stage?

I will dance a contemporary Indian dance on “Ali Mola”. Ali Mola is a Sufi song from India. I created a new dance language with the different Indian dance styles that I grew up with. It will be an energetic trance dance using hands, turns, jumps, hair and power.
The other dance will be a short typical Bollywood dance. I like very much the content of it. It says: “Enjoy every moment in your life”. Your life is like a white sheet of paper. You write the words on this paper. Give your dreams wings and make them come true.
What will you teach us in your workshop? Silsila, this is a classical inspired Bollywood dance. The music is from one of the most beautiful Indian films, Devdas. The choreography is a combination of own creation mixed with movements of the film. The heroine is waiting for 10 years for her beloved. For him she keeps the candle burning. She believes that this will bring him back. The candle and herself are burning from the intense love feeling, but no rain, no wind can extinguish the fire. Maya Sapera's YouTube Video at Leyla's Festival 2011:

November, 3rd 2012


Leyla Jouvana, promoter of 20th Oriental Festival of Europe informs us: “Due to many registrations we are going to start the junior/kids part at 2:00 pm instead of 3:00 pm. The judges Show-Acts start as written before at 3:00 pm and all other disciplines and categories keep the same time as written before.”

2:00 pm: “Children”, “Juniors”
3:00 pm: Judges Show Acts
3:35 pm: “Adults” Contest

This year even more artists applied than in the years before. Leyla has taken 20 more artists in, which means that there are 400 all together now. To give them all the same fair chance the promoter has taken the children and juniors out of the main programme and let’s them start the contest earlier. But even so, more than 40 applicants had to be refused.

The soloists and groups at this contest are not only from Germany, of course, but from all over the world, as every year: Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Puerto Rico, Rumania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, USA.
In the also international jury board there will be: Suhaila & Isabella Salimpour (USA), Nadia Nikishenko (Russia),  Feriel (France), Nika Mlakar (Slovenia), Queenie (Belgium), Ruby (USA) and Leyla Jouvana herself. With the exception of the two Salimpours and Leyla Jouvana, all judges have danced with great success at earlier „Bellydancer of the World“-contests.

November, 4th 2012


Not only since yesterday everybody loves the festival teasers of Leyla Jouvana’s Oriental Festival of Europe. Till today there are at least 15 of them. They show short (mostly) snippets of dancers in action, of those artists you get to see at the next galas. And for this purpose they are ideal. Because they tease your (art-) appetite. When we asked promoter Leyla Jouvana, where these videos come from, she told us: “My web master and “Videoproduktion Fokus” made them. Oliver works for “Videoproduktion Fokus – Jürgen Schaardt“. He and Jürgen do all these together. In all those years they have produced the festival teasers, and they also do films for local TV „Studio 47“.
Only the year before last year my assistant surprised me with a teaser she had made on her own. But other than everything that has to do with TV, DVD, teasers, website etc. is the job of Oliver and Jürgen. Everybody seems to like their work.”

Well, you heard her, check it out:

November, 5th 2012


In 2011 at the 19th Oriental Festival of Europe,
Anita Blake danced at the open stage for the first time. At the fair there is a very special bazaar atmosphere, but below in the basement you think you can feel it with your hands. And here Anita performed as if she had been dancing on bazaars all her life. She improvised, made herself room and showed her art at its best. Born and raised in the Ukraine she lives in Düsseldorf, Germany today and she has her own dance studio. Why she comes back to the open stage at Leyla’s festival this year she tells us below:

“Last year I performed as soloist, I just asked Leyla is there a possibility for me to perform and she kindly invited me. This year I would like to introduce my student Asuka and my dance  company as well. I think the bazaar has a nice atmosphere for ATS© performances, because we are very close to the audience and people can catch the "tribal energy" and feel it much better than from the stage - this is the general benefit of introducing ATS in that way and maybe make  some people curious and interested about tribal dance. We will dance ATS© as Lamia Dance Company, FCBD© Sister Studio (in two weeks i'll go to San Francisco to Carolena's studio and will be back on 26th November as certified ATS teacher).”
We wish you all the best and good luck.
Anita Blake

November, 6th 2012


Silvia Salamanca-Segui
is a life-long dancer from Mallorca, Spain. She graduated at the age of nineteen as a major in ballet and performed professionally as a modern dancer in major Europe festivals with the contemporary dance company of the University of Barcelona.

She started her career as a belly dancer in 2001, when realizing the enormous benefits that this art-form brings to women in both body and spirit (something that she felt truly missing in other dance practices). From her first teachers, Tasnim Melendres and the acclaimed Nur Banu, two natural born-Egyptians, she realized how with the practice of belly dance women can get closer to their self identity and discover oneself in a new level, increasing self-esteem, releasing stress and getting deeply in touch with the feminine essence in their soul.

With her work in the field of Zambra Mora (spanish gypsy-oriental dance fusion) Silvia has gained international recognition
and is currently invited to teach workshops and perform in major festivals world-wide (her travels include many countries in Europe, the USA and South Africa), including past November to be a member for the jury for the Bellydancer of the World contest in Germany. Small wonder that she is invited again in 2012 for the 20th anniversary of the Oriental Festival Europe in the German city of Duisburg.

Fr., Nov. 30th, 7:45 - 9:45 pm, Silvia Salamanca - Slow & Fluid - A Mesmerizing Tribal BD Routine:
Tribal fusion is well known by its fludity and snake-like movements...Here we will discover original moves and combos that will build into a routine where we will flow with grace, energy and elegance as we snake our way through it!
Sat., Dec. 1st, 09:00 - 11:00 am, Silvia Salamanca - Spanish Gypsy Fusion with Fan: „It's so hot we will need a fan!" With more passion than ever before, a brand new routine for all the gypsies at heart that-no kidding- will require a fan as a prop to give us some air! In this workshop you will learn the basics of the spanish gypsy dance, the use of the skirt and the fan in it. We will proceed to build up steps into combinations that will complete a passionate routine...get ready to have fun and shout „Ole"!
Sun., Dec. 2nd, 09:15 - 11:15 am, Silvia Salamanca - Spanish Gypsy Fire - New Spanish Skirt Routine: A modern twist for an ancient art! Have you ever wondered how the gitanas (Spanish gypsies) get to leave everyone speechless when they dance with their skirts? Now you have the chance to find out! In this workshop we will break down the skirt work that united with the arm movements, posture and expression will build up a brand new routine designed to catch the room on fire! Bring a skirt and you best ole! Choreography to one of the most innovative flamenco-fusion bands
Last not least, in 2007, she released her first instructional Spanish Gypsy DVD: “Shunyata Bellydance presents the Fire of the Spanish Gypsies” For more information please visit

November, 8th 2012

Start: 2 pm

Category 1 –  solo Kids & Juniors (all disciplines)
expected: 6 performances

Category 2 - group/formation Kids &Juniors (all Disziplines!)
expected: 7 performances

Award Ceremony Kids & Juniors all categories approx 4:55 pm

Show-Acts Jury judges 15 Uhr --- 3:30 pm

1) Queenie  2) Ruby 3) Leyla Jouvana 4) Feriel 5) Nika Mlakar 6) Nadia Nikishenko 7) Suhaila Salimpour & Company

Break approx 5 minutes

Contest Adults – approx 3:35 pm

Category 3 - Formation, Discipline Fusion 
expected 7 performances

Category 4 - Formation, Discipline Classical Oriental/Raqs Sharqi
expected 5 performances

Category 5 - Formation, Discipline Folklore/Traditional
expected 6 performances

Award Ceremony all Formations (approx 5:10 pm)

Category 6 - Duo, Discipline Fusion/Fantasy & Tribal
expected 7 performances

Category 7 - Duo, Discipline Classical
expected 6 performances

Category 8 - Duo, Discipline Folklore & Bollywood
expected 5 performances

Awards Ceremony for all Duos (approx 6:20 pm)

Category 9 - Group, Discipline Fusion & Tribal
expected 10 performances

Break approx 10 minutes

Category 10 - Group, Discipline Classical 
expected 10 performances

Category 11 - Group , Discipline Folklore & Bollywood
expected 6 performances

Award Ceremony all Groups, each Discipline single ca. 8.40 pm

Category 12 - Solo, Discipline Tribal 
expected 8 performances

Category 13 - Solo, Discipline Fusion/Fantasy
expected 18 performances

Category 14 - solo, Discipline Folklore & Bollywood
expected 11 performances

Award Ceremony of the Soloists (approx 10:40 pm)

Category 15 - solo, Discipline Classical/Raqs Shaqki 
expected 23 performances

Award Ceremony Solo Raqs Sharqi (ca. 11:45 pm)

Changes reserved

November, 9th 2012


Last year we saw them on the 19th Oriental Festival of Europe for the first time, and we were awed. In spring this year we saw them again at Leyla Jouvana’s Easter Hafla, and there they showed more examples from their extraordinary programmes. And now we will see them again at the 20th Oriental Festival of Europe – the artistic dancers of “The Smoky Eyes”.

Introduce us to your newest projects (we still love the "Baba Yaga" video)- what happened to "Smoky Eyes" in the last half year?
Thanks for BaBa YaGa! We currently play this creation in several schools. It's a fantastic experience with the children! And we play CIRCUS too. At November 5th we performed it for the French Football league! it wasl a crazy experience for us because 10 000 spectators saw Tribal Fusion Style for the first time. We are very proud! We are now creating a new show for the festival BellyFusions in January in Paris. It's a surprise ...

What will you show us at the 20th Oriental Festival of Europe in Duisburg?

We will play a second extract of CIRCUS: “Mlle Hautecourt et ses Femmes à Barbes” ... a trio of fan veils, poi and “powerbocking”
(look that one up at You Tube).

What can we expect from your workshops

Fr., Nov. 30th, 12:30 - 2:30 pm, The Smoky Eyes - Belly Ballet Popping: The Belly Ballet Popping is the SMOKY EYES style ... We will explore the fusion between ballet and bellypopping working on movements energy. Experiment brand new floor contacts with flexibility and tonicity to become an All Ground Dancer! We will learn an extract of our choreography “Green Piece”.

Sat., Dec. 1st, 1.40 - 3.40 pm, The Smoky Eyes- Crazy Tribal Fusion: Using original "Smoky Touch" combinations, we will focus on interpreting feelings to create a crazy choreography inspired by the Mad Hatter in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!

Thank you very much. See you soon,

November, 10th 2012

6th Contest Bellydancer of the World on Nov 24th 2012
Prizes and Awards

Every winner receives an Award/Certificate, a title and a specific individual prize from the list below (more to come!)

Chance to appear in one Gala of the festival in the Rheinhausenhalle
Nov Dec 1 & 2 in 2012

Invitation to teach at one of Leyla Jouvana’s future Events/Festival (Soloists),

Invitation to judge at Leyla Jouvana’s future Contest BD of the World (Solo Classical)

For solo winner classical 2 x full WS and show package from Stellaradvantage for August 2013 or 2014 (your choice) in Orlando/Florida includes free competition entry with discipline/category of your choice, performance at the festival

Winner Solo Raqs Sharqi/classical: Invitation to Israel/Jerusalem “Oriental Pearl Festival 2013” from Amar Eliran, + performance at the Gala Show + accommodation/food + invitation to teach 2013 or 2014!

Solo Raqs Sharqi/classical winner: Full pass for all WS at “Bellyqueens Festival” of Anisoara in San Marino/Italy, April 5-7 in 2013 or 2014 + Performance at the Superstar Gala Show + Hotel + opportunity to teach in 2013 or 2014!,

One group or Formation winner: International contest in Budapest, free participation, Studio Mahasti in Budapest, February 2013

2 full pass WS of your choice and free gala show or entry at “Stars of Bellydance Competition”, Belgium, April 2013 for 2 solo winners or duet

Your choice of professional costume from “Isis Bazaar”

Vouchers for classes and WS with Leyla Jouvana

Our Show-Videos from the “Oriental Festivals of Europe”

3 vouchers for 3 month free banner at online magazine (worth each 165 Euros!)

A voucher worth 111 Euros from “Glanz und Tanz”

A voucher worth 100 Euros from “Canans Tanzmoden”

A voucher worth 100 Euros from “Eigen Art”

A voucher worth 100 Euros from “Dark-Lifestyle”

3 voucher worth each 33 Euros from “Magic Tribal Hair”

A voucher worth 100 Euros from “Shali-Sari”,

A voucher worth 100 Euros from “Shaila- tribal arts & jewelry”

1 professional costume worth 300 Euros from „Schätze des Orients“,

100 Euro voucher from “Bellydance dreams”

NB - only one prize per winner!

November, 11th 2012


The Spanish girl
Vanesa Moreno is a much sought for star in her home country and everybody knows her because of her festival series “Oriental Fusion” in her home town Gijon in Northern Spain. Everybody likes her for her amiable and funny ways, she will be coming to the 20th Oriental Festival of Europe, and this will be her first visit to Germany. We are very happy to have her. Read below, why.

How did belly dance find you and why did you stick to it.
Belly dance appeared in my life by chance. I had studied ballet since I was 6 and later on flamenco, jazz, salsa, but there were no teachers where I live, in Gijon, that teach belly dance. One day I went into a new Dance School near my house, to ask for their schedules. To my great surprise they had a belly dance class. I had always wanted to learn this dance, so I began immediately as a student. Two years later the belly dance teacher left the Dance School and I was asked to be the new teacher. I stick to bellydance because, for me, it is the best way to express my feelings and makes me feel better than any other dance I had ever learned.
Vanesa Moreno
Do you have any other training?
Other than the above mentiomed  I studied zouk. And something I think is very useful for a dancer: music. I learned piano and flute, and made two university careers: Musical education and Musicology.

On which styles do you specialize?
I specialize in raqs sharqi and tabla solo. And I love Egyptian style.

Introduce us to your festival series, please.

Well, I have a group called "Fusion Oriental", that's why my website is   We have made already 4 International Festivals in Gijon, where I live. Next one will be 1st - 3rd March 2013. Leyla and Roland were invited to the festival 2012. They came and it was a complete success. Everybody loved them: their shows, workshops, the way they are ... We are looking forward to bring them back again. This Festival in Gijon is growing more each year: We have international and national teachers and dancers. And we even give a chance for students and local teachers, making a special gala for them as an oriental party. I organised it, but I have a lot of help from my group Fusion Oriental, friends and family.

What will we see from you on stage?
I love to feel good on stage, and want the audience to feel the same way too. That is why I am going to make a funny look of oriental dance, with a tabla solo show. I want the audience to be part of my show and want them to laugh and have a great time.

What will we see from you at your workshop?
In my workshop we will practice technique and combination for raqs sharqi and we will put them on a choreography, full of energy.
We will work: Different entrances, depending on the feeling, final position and final dance, Chassés combinations, Different parts of the raqs sharqi, based on the music, Hips technique, working with the knees, Shimmy, Perfect steps raks sharki and combinations (
Workshop Fr., Nov. 30th, 5:15 - 7:15 pm)

November, 14th 2012


This is a temporary line up more to come

12-1-12 Saturday afternoon Open Stage fair ground  
1.30-7.30 p.m. begins approx. 2:30 p.m.

Julia Blanche    
Natascha Quenea (France)  
Julia Blanche         
Duo Anindita    
Duo Rashalla & Maroua  
Lady M  
right after the afternoon show :

Anita Blake (Ukraine)    
Sandra Caron (France)

12-2-12 Sunday afternoon Open stage in the foyer/fair  1-5:30 p.m.

Gruppe Latifah         
Natascha Quenea  
Anita Blake (Ukraine)    
Maya Dance Duo    
Tanzschule Leyla Jouvana

right after the afternoon show

Les Nénuphars    
Amina & Shayna    
Sandra Caron (France)  

November, 15th 2012


The authority on the field of classial Egyptian bellydance back in Germany after so many years:
Raqia Hassan from Kairo at Leyla’s 20th anniversary festival. Read below what she wants us to know.

The "Ahlan wa sahlan" is not only the most important but also one of the oldest, if not the oldest, belly dance festivals on Earth. What keeps it so alive and well?

Ahlan wa sahlan" is well till now because we have almost Egyptian teachers here and their has history of bellydance and you will find also big stars in the world such as Dina, Soraia, Katia, and Dr. Mo Geddawi .....etc also we are honest to send the information to dancers.
Why is it still important for a gifted dancer to come to this Egyptian festival?

They are coming as I informed you in last questions we are honest to give the info to them not for win money without anything no we need to provide the dancers and let them know about our culture.

Why does Raqia Hassan return to Germany after quite a long time, and why do you come to Leyla's in the first place?

Actually Germany from a long time doesn't has the activity for bellydance and I didn't like it so I decided to again to support their mind by the culture of belly dance to let them going up in this domain with rest of European and with Leyla Jouvana because she is great one and very active and creative there in Germany and she is doing her best by advertising in this domain so we must support her too.

In the light of the unrest in Egypt what would and what could be the future of "Ahlan wa sahlan" (sorry to bother you with this, but this is one of the first things that spring into mind of the people over here, can you soothe them?)

You are not bother me never with this questions actually it is ART not war so we have to put it in our mind to understand the situation first and "Ahlan wa sahlan" it will be "Ahlan wa sahlan" and we keep it going well and we want to see the different types from bellydance in Egypt but we hope that see it by good way not for collect money and forget the main art and looking for business so we are trying to let it going up always.

With my best regards to all of you,
Raqia Hassan

November, 20th 2012


20th Oriental Festival of Europe - CONTEST “BELLYDANCER OF THE WORLD”

The complete line up – to print out
Subject to further alterations

400 artists will take part at the contest, there will be many categories, who wouldn’t lose track somewhere along the way? For this reason we present to you the complete schedule of the event. In English and in German. Tell all your friends.
contest schedule.pdf
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