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28.11.13 - WINNERS OF THE 7th CONTEST "Bellydancer of the World"
25.11.13 - "Diva free zone" - The workshops with WILLOW CHANG (Hawaii)
21.11.13 - "Mysteriousness and womenliness" - Interview with ESZTER REMBECZKI
19.11.13 - "I wanted to be a gladiator and a strong amazon" - LEI THE NIGHT
18.11.13 - Performing - Teaching - Designing - Managing, Interview with JENNIFER
16.11.13 - "It never gets boring" - Interview mit MARTA PERECZES (Hungary)
15.11.13 - "I work hard to be where I am" - Interview with STEVEN EGGERS (USA)
13.11.13 - The peacock from Hong Kong - Interview with FOXYCATALICE
11.11.13 - The MA*SHUQA METHOD - Ma*Shuqa explains her workshops
08.11.13 - "Shine like an Oriental Star" - Interview with SARA (Slo)
06.11.13 - "The freedom to be creative and unique" - Interview with ESMII
04.11.13 - "I can be any character I can imagine" - Interview with LEI THE NIGHT
current festival news:
One of the most important Oriental Festivals world wide and not surprisingly the biggest in Europe – the Oriental Festival of Europe – again opens ist gates, this year for the 21st time in a row. Opposite to the trend this festival had a growing audience, more people attended than in the year before. Traditionally the festival starts with the contest day “Bellydancer Of the World” (November 23rd), the highlight is the show and gala weekend (November 30th and December 1st) and in between you have workshops, workshops, workshops (until December 2nd inclusive, all in all awesome 60 of them. And you don’t want to miss the massive Bazaar on three floors, don’t you. See ya there
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Homepage of the 21st Oriental Festival of Europe:

November 21st 2013

Eszter is with the renowned Budapestian dance studio „Mahasti“ and has participated at the contest „Bellydancer Of the World“ several times, already, repeatedly with big success. Last year she came alone, this year she will have a bunch of “Moonlight Daughters” with her. We admire Eszter’s art since we saw her for the first time and followe her way into the finals of the contest “Tribal Star” at “Tribal Festival Hanover”. By the way, in Hanover Eszter performed at the pre show of the Club Bellydance show of the Bellydance Superstars. And this year she wants to compete at the “Bellydancer Of the World”, again. We are happy to have her and of course we will see you there.

Interview with Eszter Rembeczki
by Marcel Bieger
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When and why did you start belly dancing? I started belly dancing when I was 13. So it was long long time ago. My first school was Mahasti Belly Dance Studio. I’m really proud that I could be from the beginning a member of the professional formation of the studio, “Mahasti and the Moonlight Daughters group”.Belly dance itself seduced me with its mysteriousness and womanliness, and of course with its uniquely beautiful movements.

What other styles did you study? What are your favourites? The other styles in my actual and earlier practice are: jazz dance, contemporary dance, classical ballet, theatralical dance, Hungarian gypsy folk dance, Rajasthani Indian dance, martial arts, yoga, dance with burning instruments. Love all of them. (But belly dance, jazz and martial arts come first!)

Studio "Mahasti" is famous for the many prizes its members have won. Which prizes did you win? I won 3rd places in Germany’s Contest Bellydancer Of The World (2010 fantasy, 2012 tribal fusion), in Slovakia’s Liptov Orient Festival (2012 fusion), and 4th place in Germany’s Tribal Festival Hannover (2013). In Hungary I did 3rd place on the Contest Raqs Sharqi (2006), 2nd place on the II. Pharaoh Dance Contest (2011) and 1st place on the Contest Ras El Sena (2005).

We also won 1st places with a duo cooperation of our Group with an earlier member of us, for example on the Contest Bellydancer Of The World (2010), on Liptov Orient Festival (2012) and on several Hungarian contests. For our Group this is important to train ourselves and participate on different contests as severally as together. And then share and use our experiences.

Have you been to Germany before, in which other countries have you already performed? I’ve already performed in Germany and in Slovakia with the Mahasti and the Moonlight Daughters Group and solo as well, and in Czech Republic
(Prague) with solo dances.

What will we see from you on stage? You will see of course fusions of several dance styles, feelings, themes, vibrations, love, dance, love, love, glitters, dance, did I mention dance …

Bestest wishes,
November, 25th 2013

Willow Chang is one of the best known Hula dancers and Bellydancers from Hawaii. In her workshops she teaches intrinsic insights inti both cultures and has a bag full of interesting things to share with you. For instance, what is the difference between a hip move in Hula and a hip move in bellydance. Or, what is … oh well read it for yourself, please. See you there.


Willow Chang on her workshops at 21st Oriental Festival of Europe

I'm teaching 2 workshops this year; each is different from the other.

Archetypes within Dance: Goddess, Vixen and Warrior

Archetypes exist for a reason: they communicate deep concepts quickly. They also reveal universal truths. In this class, we’ll explore archetypes deep in the feminine psyche: The Goddess, Vixen and the Warrior and discover ways to give each a unique and distinct personality for performance and creative presentation.

This workshop is an exploration of themes and ideas, but more importantly, it's a workshop designed to get into the psyche and depth of the persona of different archetypes. It's not enough to put on a costume, embodiment and understanding, what makes a character click, tick or be, is so important. We'll delve into creative brainstorming to flesh out personas, so portrayals are more holistic, as opposed to superficial.
for hula choreographies movements and learn a short 'Golden Era' dance, Sophisticated Hula. It's not a competition, contest or ego fest. We shall learn, feel, laugh, explore and be curious - and certainly experience something new. It's a 'diva free' zone!

Danke und ALOHA!

Workshops with Willow:
Fr., 29.11., 14:45 - 16:45 h - Archetypes in Dance: Goddess, Vixen, Warrior
Sa., 30.11., 11:20 - 13:20 h - Sophisticated Hawaiian Hula

Homepage Willow Chang:
Hula 101
I'll also be teaching Hula 101, a workshop designed to install understanding and respect for Hawaiian Hula. Topics are taught in contrast to Oriental dance, so dancers will understand their unique qualities. Intro to understanding the dance and history of Hula, differences between kahiko (ancient) and awana (modern), basic concepts and Hawaiian language, what dynamics contributed to the creation of both, ancient and modern Hula, the basic technique

November 28th 2013

„Bellydancer of the World“ Nov 23, 2013 

in Rheinhausenhalle Duisburg at the
21th Oriental Festival of Europe
Nov 22 - Dec 2

We congratulate all 60 fantastic winner acts 
(60 entry numbers with place 1-3)
Nov 23, we saw 532 great artists/contestants from all over the world in the sold out Rheinhausenhalle in different categories and disciplines.
The international Star Jury/Judges gave their best in judging and choosing 60 lucky winners (60 Winning acts)! 

Category Solo Kids (all Disciplines!)
1. Evelin Wegmann (BRD- Kids Champion) Raks Sharki Choreo Delanna     
2. Anastazija Baloh (Slo) Kids Classical Choreo Nika Mlakar  
3. Ebony Goldsteijn (Elayka) NL-Kid Champ. 12+13 & Benelux Champion, C. Monique V.

Category Solo Junior (alle Disciplines!)
1.Tamara Borojevic (Slo) Classical Choreo Nika Mlakar 
2. Jasmina Abdulahovic(Slo) Classical Choreo Nika Mlakar  
3. Fatine (B) Orietal & Drum Choreo Sakinah
4. Nina Vidic (Slo) - Choreo Nika Mlakar 

Category Group/Formation Kids/Junior (alle Disciplines!)
1.Belly Habibi (Cz - Champions) Pharaonic Dance
2.Pro Dance Junior (Slo) Choreo Nika Mlakar (BD World 09-11) Classical   
3.BellyKids (BRD-Meister 2013) – Classical Choreo Delanna (BD World 09)  
4. Xenia & Jessica (Choreo Helen Saida/Aziza) Fusion Fächer/Drum

Adults-Contest (Main Category)

Category Formation, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Fusion 
1. Formation Leyla Jouvana  (BRD) Tango Oriental incl.Saidi/Classical (BDWorld 10/11)
2. Belly-licious (BRD-Meister 2012) Kayjays Dance Center/Choreo Laura L. Flutter Fan 
3. Belly Habibi (Cz –1stplace Liptov & Arabesque Festival) Choreo Irena Classical/Isis 
4. Rasheedas Sterne (BRD) Fan-Veil/Fächerschleier

Category Formation, Main Category, Discipline Calssical Oriental/Raqs Sharqi
1. Ensemble Rakas (BRD- Award: Halima  08, Tribal Star 12) Choreo Enussah   
2. Showgruppe Leyla Jouvana (BRD) Classical Oum Kalthoum
3. Asiyalla (B)- Benelux Champions 12/13, Vice BDOTW 2012 Classical(+Saidi Part) 
4. Projektgruppe Leyla Jouvana (BRD)  – Drum solo (Malfouf & Saidi)

Category Formation, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Folklore/Trad.
1. Ensemble Lazurie (BRD) Shaabi Choreo Marta Korzun/Delanna     
2. ProjektGruppe Leyla Jouvana (BRD-Vice BD World Fusion/Folklore – Shaabi 
2. El Saherat (BRD) Choreo Mayyadah -  Fallahi
3. Masmoudi-Claudia Lankeit Choreo. (BRD) Doppel-Stocktanz Saidi

Category Duo, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Fusion/Fantasy & Tribal
1. Duo Sarah Jasmin & Salsabrina (BRD) – Drum solo mit Mambo/Salsa     
2. Co. Tangerine (FR) Carole & Christelle -Choreo Carole Grand – Tribal 
3. Jessenia & Xaneta (BRD-Choreo Leyla J. BD World Gruppe/Formation10-12) Voi Poi 
4. Duo Amina & Shayna (BRD) Voi &Drum (Choreo Zafirah, Leyla J., Amina/Shayna) 

Category Duo, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Classicak
1. Duo Tato & Iris (NL – Benelux Champions 2013) – Drum Solo concept: Ana Euson
2. Duo BDSS Romy & Larissa (BRD – Tribal Star Award 2012)      
3. Duo Kristina & Layla BRD (Choreo Delanna & Marta Korzun) Deutsche Meister Duo
4. Sheila´s Damali Shazadi Mieke & Patricia Modern Classical, Choreo Amarah Ates

Category Duo, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Folklore
1. Duo Izida & Nevena (Bulgaria/BRD) – Balkan Gipsy      
2. Duo Johanna & Nephélé (B) – Melaya Leff      
3. Duo Amina & Shayna (BRD) Saidi /Stocktanz 
4. Duo Amirah wa Jamal (Francis & Linda-Choreo) – Tahtib/Saidi

Category Group, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Tribal
1. The Smoky Eyes (FR)Choreo Blandine-BD World 11&12,Tribal F./Belly Ballet Popp.
2. Renenet Tribe (Czech Republik)  Tribal Tango Fusion Dance     
3. Andro (BRD) – Choreo/Leitung Lydia Möller – Tribal

Category Group, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Fusion Fantasy
1. Salwa´s Troupe (B) Fusion  Choreo Salwa      
2. Ensemble Lazurie (BRD-Meister) Voi Poi Choreo Delanna (BD of the World 09/10) 
3. Compagnie Tangerine (FR) Fusion Choreo Regine Arnaud, Fanveil/Fächerschleier 
4. Daughters of the Moonlight (Hungary-Champions2013)- Choreo Mahasti – Fanveil

Categorie Group, Adults, Main Category, Discipline
1. Daughters of the Moonlight (Hungary-Champions2013)- Choreo Mahasti Drum solo
2. Trio Ensemble Nika Mlakar (Slo) Choreo Nika  (BD World 09-11) Balady   
3. Salwa´s Troupe (B) 
4. Faddah el Layal (BRD) Vice BD of the World 12,  Choreo Mayyadah   
4. Ensemble Lazurie (BRD) Raks Sharki Choreo Delanna (BD World Fusion 09) 

Categorie Group, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Folklore
1.Gruppe Saphira(BRD) Bambuty Choreo Magdy El – Leisy, Leitung Delanna    
2. Yohara (B) Choreo Johanna R. (Vice Champion BDOTW 2012)  Saidi  
3. Compagnie Tangerine (FR) Choreo Regine Arnaud – Gawazee Choreo Khaled Seif 
4. Showteam Shazadi (NL Champions Duo11 & Benelux 13) Shaabi Choreo Amarah A
4. Ensemble El Gamal (BRD) Choreo Naila Abdel-Al-  Melaya    

Category Solo, Male, Discipline Classical 
1. Halil Kökez (Turkey) – Classical/Drum own Choreo 
2.  Zohar (BRD) Balady  - Choreo Zohar/Sahela

Category Solo, Female, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Tribal  
1. Blandine Garin/The Smoky Eyes (FR) BD World 11&12 Tribal – Tribal Fusion/Ballet
2. Natika (USA) Miss BD USA, BD of the Universe 2012/2013, Soloist of the Year
3. Pauline Gady (FR) – Tribal Vintage Fusion 
4. Eszter Rembeczki (Hungary-Champions & BD World Duo 2010)  Tribal Fusion

Category Solo, Female,Adults, Main Category, Discipline Fusion/Fantasy 
1. Lejla Mehmedovic (Bosnia- Champ. Hip Hop &1st place Jazz Choreo) Tango OT
2. Jennifer Ordonez (USA/Orlando) 1st place Ya HallaY´all/Texas 2012 -  double veil 
3. Maelle Dubeaux (UK) Winner BD Trophies 2012-  Fanveil Fusion “Icarus”
4. Pauline Gady (FR) – Feather Fan

Category Solo, Female, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Folklore
1. Jennifer Ordonez (USA/Orlando) 1st place Ya HallaY´all/Texas 2012 – Kawleya 
2. Johanna Rediers (B – winner Stars of Bellydance Competition ) Saidi   
3. Anisoara Chitu  (SanMarino/Italy/Romania) - Shaabi/Balady    
4. Sagit Elmaliach (Israel/Jerusalem)  Saidi

Categorie Solo, Female, Adults, Main Category, Discipline  Bollywood
1. Natika (USA) Miss BD USA, BD of the Universe 12/13, Soloist of the Year BW/Ind
2. Payal Gupta (India/Bangalore) –  Record holder in India, Bollywood    
3. Crystina Wang (Singapore)  - Bollywood

Category Solo, Female, Adults, Main Category, Discipline Classical/Raqs Sharqi 
1. BDSS Romy Mimus (BRD- Halima Award 2008, Tribal Star Award 2012)  
1. Jennifer Ordonez (USA/Orlando) 1st place Ya HallaY´all/Texas 2012  
2. Gyongyi (Hungary-Champion 2013& Vice BDOTW2012)  Raks Sharki  
2. Crystina Wang (Singapore)  - Classical  
3. Chloé Schwartz (FR) – Classical - Oum Kalthoum      
3. Martina Tellini (Italy) –Winner Bellyqueens Festival Italy 2012  
4. Lea Grujic (Slovenia)  - Classical, Choreo Nika Mlakar 
5. Yaelle Zamani (FR) Winner Stars of BD Competition (B)

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