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Roland and I had an unforgettable time in China, it was even one of the best experiences in our career as an artist. The generous Chinese hospitality that we met with was uncomparable: we were assigned our own interpreter, a make-up artist, a masseur, and a chauffeur; and a week of well organised sightseeing tours to the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China and everything else that Bejing and its surroundings have to offer. Almost twice a day we were taken out to the most extraordinary restaurants with the most delicious food, where we tried extraordinary dishes even for us as Europeans, e.g. tasty organic vegetarian dishes made from tofu, which were not at all inferior to meat and fish in appearance and taste.We were even offered the chance to taste jelly fish, stomach, 1000 year-old eggs and scorpions, etc. We'll leave it to your imagination whether we actually did eat them. And last but not least; we were presented with many gifts of Chinese souvenirs. We were speechless.

the forbidden city
Leyla Jouvana and Roland Jouvana on the Great Chinese Wall
left: Mayodi (Paris), Aliya (Russia), Leyla and Roland Jouvana
"Birds Nest" Olympia / above the rooftops of Beijing
Bon Appetit! Mayodi, Leyla Jouvana and Guo Wei
shopping with interpreter


Leyla Jouvana & Roland Jouvana's Engagement in Beijing 14. - 26.7.2009
Photos: (c) Roland Jouvana