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Photos (c) Roland Jouvana, except "Guo Wei" & "Leyla & Roland Jouvana" (c) Guo Wei-Champion Dance
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The Chinese proved to be very generous and very endearing people - a nation with a future and with perspectives, who haven't really been affected by the financial crisis, or have already gotten over it. Oriental dance is booming in China. In Yao's Club there was constantly a lot going on, there were people dancing in 7 fully packed rooms all at once. When Guo Wei held his workshop in a room that was full to the brim, he showed himself as a fascinating teacher and dancer, who was able to deal with large groups and he brought the huge crowd to raptures.  To us, there was no doubt about his ability as a very good teacher. Therefore, we are glad to be able to welcome him as a special guest at our festival in November, as a member of the jury and also as a performing artist in the show and teaching workshops.

As it was our first trip to China, we were impressed to find our workshop fully booked with positive, talented and inspired students, who enthusiastically sung and counted along. After the workshop we posed for photos with the students for about one and a half hours.

The Chinese were very positive and open to us Germans, and we were happy that for a change no prejudices were held against Germany - quite the opposite in fact, they like Germans and we were made to feel more than welcome .. We were pleased that we were able to contribute to the fact that the "affectionate German mentality" was admired, as well as our punctuality, competency and reliability. We also recognised these attributes in the Chinese.
Für Bellydancer Agent Yao, who is only 27 years old, commercial gain was not the most important aspect but that the performers were made to feel as comfortable as possible. We have already had so many good experiences worldwide, but not every organiser has the means to accommodate this, and we by no means expect it. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. We were faced with an expanding, flourishing and economically booming country with a remarkable amount of young and ambitious, but warm-hearted and hospitable people. At this point we would like to say a big "thank you" to Yao and his team, and we are looking forward to teach and perform in China again next year!
Bellydancer Agent Yao
Guo Wei
Leyla Jouvana and Roland Jouvana
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