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On April 7th 2013, for the seventh time the Belly Dance Competition of the renowned dance studio “Mahasti” (Daughters of the Moonlight) was held in Budapest, Hungary.
Photos: "Viktoria" © Konstanze Winkler, alle others © O2Media/Tihanyi Károly
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Report on the 7th Bellydance Competition
of the „Daughters of the Moonlight“ in Budapest, Hungary
by Viktoria Farkas and Marcel Bieger

This studio (the name of the owner is Mahasti, too) is not just another dance studio, artists of this house participate at contests in Hungary and abroad, regularly, where they tend to reach the first places. For instance at Leyla Jouvana’s “Oriental Festival Europe” in Duisburg, Germany. Dancer Eszter Rembeczki was even invited to the pre-show (Hanover, Germany) of the last BDSS Club Tour. This “Mahasti Competition” surely caught our eye. Viktoria “Viki” Farkas from “Mahasti studio” was so friendly as to write us her impressions of the event. Thanks to a DVD from the competition “Hagalla” editor Marcel Bieger could add his notes to Viki’s comments.
First a subjective report from Viki Farkas on the 7th Daughters of the Moonlight International Bellydance Competition for duos and groups. I’m happy for every feedback and report!

On Sunday, the 7th of April the 7th Daughters of the Moonlight International Bellydance Competition for duos and groups has been held. I haven’t participated on any previous one, so I was anxiously waiting for the day!

Quite a few from Mahasti’s students along with me have volunteered to help her with the packing, the scoring, etc., as organizing and conducting such a huge event is very difficult. Mahasti acted as speaker, handed over awards, answered everybodys questions and meanwhile she was nursing her beautiful baby. On the top of it she was smiling all the time.

As in charge for adding up the scores, I had the good luck to watch every performance. One would think, that watching the dances of almost 40 groups would be boring after a while, but for me it was quite the opposite! It was very exciting to see how different two, five or eleven dancers would appear on the stage. I got plenty of inspiration, saw gorgeous costumes and make-up and I wasn’t bored for one minute!

For me a specialty of the competition was the 20 member jury. I’ve never taken part in a competition, where so many professionals were evaluating the dancers; I like it, when there are more jury members than 5-6 persons. Thus the jury has been representing various dance styles and schools and everyone had different viewpoints on evaluating the competitors. Even this way they had it hard with the scoring as the pool of dancers was quite strong.
In many cases there were just a few points difference between the groups.

In the breaks of the competition we could buy photos, hand-made jewellery, belly dance accessories, order videos of the performances and doing henna body painting. And of course we could keep our fingers crossed for the competitors.

There hasn’t been any group who left without getting a rank, a trophy, an extra award or a nice participation certificate for remembrance of this event. The dancers could also win several prizes as: workshop participation, professional photo shootings, massage, henna paintings, self-knowledge trainings, gift parcels of “Szultáncenter”, hip scarves with coins, theatre tickets, pictures, and the most skilled groups have been invited to different competitions and gala shows. Two junior groups were presented nice cakes.

I congratulate from the bottom of my heart each and every group, who won a prize, and also to all participating dancers. It has been a high quality, superb competition. My compliments go also to the jury who patiently and interestedly watched the line of performances, keeping their professional eye switched on. They were judging everyone according to their talents and if needed they have helped with a professional opinion or well intended criticism.

I congratulate Mahasti for organizing and orchestrating this whole day mega event, for her immense patience for guiding us and for her kindness in supporting and cheering the contestants. I think I can thank her in everybody’s name for creating such a high-level exciting dance contest for the seventh time now! I hope we’ll meet some top-notch dancers again and that we’ll have the same exciting competition – if not a more exciting one – this year.

Viki Farkas


In every category there were more than three competitors, but in this report we can only present the top three. Permitted are only duos and groups, but no soloists. The categories are divided in small and big groups, and this depends on the number of participants: Up to four dancers are a small group, more than four a big one. Here is the 20 member jury (ordered from Mahasti after “facebook” availability:)

Éva Jázmin Sárfalvi, Áncsán Anikó Sefirah. Garai Csilla, Najla Raqasa, Nagy Dina Jamilah, Ildikó Bacsa Tahmina, Bea Amaraya Tóth, Katalin Gyorffy, Shaba Marta Wollner, Vivien Malova, Judit Joós, Judit Nese Komáromi, Anita Szalai, Bogi Gyenis, Balogh Marcsi Shira, Bogdán Gizella Cini, Dahhan Mohamed, Abu Alhuda Nedal, Péter Bézi, Abd El Wahed Rabie.

Junior, Small Category

3. „
Farafir Group“, a refreshing youthful and elegant performance Viktoria says:  “For their wonderful raqs sharqi dance.”

2. „
Happy Duo“, A lively duo with much talent. Viktoria says: “For their happy shaabi dance.”

1. „
Jasmin Hercegnök“ (Jasmin Princesses), very synchronous and a dashing choreography. Viktoria says:  “A very special, modern dance made on Dancing Queen musical piece."
Junior, Big Category

3. „Anita Hastánciskola (Anita Bellydance School), good Balkans burlesque, which could do with a sprinkle of more enthusiasm.  – Viktoria says: “Their 5 elements dance, a spectacular choreography involving lots of dance props.”

2. „Orgovány Gyöngyszemei(Pearlbeads of Orgovány), Duo with a hot blooded drum solo.  – Viktoris says: “For their modern fantasy dance.”

1. „Gyönygyszemecskék (Pearlbeads), emotion paired with rhythm, you can feel the joy of dancing. – Viktoria says: “For their nice Nubian dance – Mohamed from the jury has stood up to dance along!
Beginner Kategory

3. „
Anita Hastánciskola“ (Anita Bellydance School), very particular choreography. – Viktoria says: “Polish dancer Warda dance piece.”

2. „
Kelet Ékköve“ (Gem of the Orient), colourful, up beat and one hell of a group.  – Viktoria says:  „For its fan veil and drum solo.“

1. „
1001 Ejszaka Hastánc Stúdió“ (1001 Nights Bellydance Studio), flashy group-Flamenco. -  Viktoria says: “For its modern Andalusian dance.”
Mid-Beginners, Small Category

3. „
Farafir Group“, very premium and romantic, pretty Isis moves– Viktoria says: “Performing a dance with Isis wings.”

2. „
Nadia Tribal Bellydance“, slow tribal after ATS, mostly two dancers in the chorus, one leader and one follower.– Viktoria says: “Tribal zill dance.”

1. „
Sandra Group“, sweeping, energetic cane dance. Viktoria says: “They originally entered for beginners category with their saidi dance, but the jury liked their dance so much that they have been moved to the mid-beginners small category. Mohamed jumped on his feet to dance with them, too with a fan in his hands.”
Mid-Beginners, Big Category

3. „Mandala Group“, Mandala Group, pretty atmospheric balady.  – Viktoria says: “For their beledi dance.”

2. „Mafia Divas“, funny spoon/sailor dance with Melaya intermezzo.  – Viktoria says: “For their joyful sailor Melaya Leff & Bambouti dance.”“

1. „Farafir Group“, happy goings on the stage. - Viktoria says: “For their sensational Nubian dance.”

Advanced, Small Category

3. „Farafir Group“, the stage brims with joy and cheerfulness. – Viktoria says: “For their happy sailor modern dance.”

2. „Oriental Dreams“, group drum solo with great energetic stage presence. – Viktoria says: “For their drum solo. I have already admired them at an earlier contest (Hastáncvetélkedő). They were gorgeous here, too!”

1. „Holdfeny Lanyai“ (Daughters of the Moonshine), great stuff from Mahasti trio with their fan veils.– Viktoria says: “For their breathtaking fan veil dance. The girls got 399 out of the 400 possible points! Unbiased speaking, I liked this beautiful choreography the most!”

Advanced, Big Category

3. „
Shaba Oriental Art“, trim traditional raqs sharqi with double veil intro. – Viktoria says: “Double veil raqs sharqi.”

2. „
Bahar Orientális Tánc és Kulturális Egyesület(Bahar Oriental Dance and Cultural Association), ), graceful quintet with a traditional raqs sharqi. -  Viktoria says: “Raqs sharqi dance.”

There were two 1st places:
Viva Oriental“, happy maiden septet that makes you dreamy.– Viktoria says: “Fan veil dance.”

Sharyam Bellydance Group“, you wish to see balady danced so easy and seemingly effortless more often. -  Viktoria says: “Beledi dance.”


The 8th "Daughters of the Moonlight" Competition
takes place on February 16th 2014

For online magazine „Hagalla“ BDSS-star
Romy Mimus from Nuremberg, Germany will sit in the jury and will write a report on this event. Godspeed, Mahasti!

the 20 member Jury
Photo left: Jasmin Hercegnök, Photo below: Gyönygyszemecskék
Photo left: 1001 Ejszaka Hastánc Stúdió,below: Sandra Group
Photo left: Farafir Group, Photo below: Holdfeny Lanyai
Photos left: Viva Oriental, below Sharyam Bellydance Group
And this is how it went: