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Photos © Konstanze Winkler
What do the students think of this?

I thought it wouldn’t have been nice to bug the students with my questions while they are having a break between two dance exercises. Hence I asked them before the begin of this work shop if they would mind to fill in a questionnaire, which Gabriella and I have composed. All students agree. Even some of the dancers, who have absolved their NF training in other cities, already have sent me their experiences with this format (several of them have become NF teachers themselves, meanwhile).

The Questionnaire:
How long are you dancing and who were your teachers?

Most of the students are dancing for at least ten years some of them even since two decades. All of them started with classical belly dance and some of them learned tribal, also (mostly improvised tribal style). A few of the participants are belly dance teachers, most are seasoned artists, but you have a smattering of “tribal rookies”, too.

Have you already danced tribal before this weekend? If so which style(s), if no what did you do instead?

The majority of the students are quite experienced with ITS (Improvised Tribal Style) and Tribal Fusion. Some of them know a thing or two about ATS® after Fat Chance Bellydance®.

Here is, what some of them had to say:

“(I did) run-of-the-mill Tribal and was told this is ATS®. Before that I did cabaret, the housewife sort of thing".

“Yes, I already danced tribal, the mixed bag sort of thing. But there
were some fusion elements into it.”

Why did you resolve on doing the NF training?

Most participants answered that they wanted to improve their technique und have a solid basics.

Here is what some of them had to say:

“ … get a better technique  … because I want to teach on my own …
I always wanted to learn ATS® … I want to have solid basics.”

“I wished to get a proper ATS® and ITS training.”

“I want to train fresh rookies for our tribe.”

“I think it’s important to have thorough basics when teaching. I want to learn, where I went wrong, and I wish to learn something new."

Which of the three tribal styles, which are teached by Gabriella here at this workshop, are your favourites (Neas Tribal combinations, ATS® according to FCBD® or Tribal Belly dance according to “Gypsy Caravan?)

Most students liked the combination of all three styles, but many of them had come to learn ATS® according to FCBD in the first place.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“The combination of all three of them gives the dance diversity, beauty, and charm. Mostly it appeals to me that Neas Tribal has already developed further certain moves so we can dance them on Renaissance fairs without losing our posture.

“(My favourite is) ATS® according to FCBD®.”

“It’s the mixture that matters!“

„I like all three of them, especially as they can be combined very well.”

“ATS® for the stage, Neas for Renaissance Fairs and birthdays.”
What Did You Like Most?

The students had much compliments for teacher Gabriella. Her rich knowledge and expertise combined with a big heart and a good sense of humour was liked by all participants.

Here are some of their voices:

“Gabriella is a great teacher. She imparts the subjects very comprehensively, rests in an elaborate teaching concept, and effectuates this in a perfect manner. Her personal way of teaching is definitely in my line, I certainly see myself in the position to extract advantages out of it and it was a pleasure all together.”

“Gabriella teaches her assets competently and with great passion.”

“Gabriella is able to explain everything in a wonderful way, shows exactly what is into a move and is always in the best of moods. Her knowledge – practical and theoretical – is superb and you always get the best answer from her. It’s fun with her, she is a very natural and never uptight person. I’m looking forward to the next NF weekend.”

„Clear structures, great technique and very skilled teacher with a trained eye and an amiable personality.”

“I liked her clear structures most. You get everything you need: Precise technique, posture and variation possibilities to try on your own. The moves are steadied immediately and other things dawn on you while practising, for instance the performance angle or the eye contact.”

“Gabriella’s training is reasoned in the movement methods as well as in the health aspects.”

Was There Anything You Didn’t Like?

There was not much critic. Some dancers missed a script, but Gabriella had made it clear from the beginning that there will be none (and why there will be none). Others thought Gabriella was a little bit too fast with her lessons.

Here is what some of them had to say:

“Too much information in too little time that was a little bit exhausting.”

“I for myself am entirely happy with the training, but I could imagine that Gabriella moves a little bit to fast for newbies. And I would have loved to have some more “Gypsy Caravan” moves.”

“The saddest thing is that all is over after six weekends. I want more!”

Have Your Expectations Been Satisfied?

18 times a very clear Yes!

But, of course, some had something more to say:

“My expectations have been more than answered. Especially with the ATS® format I am feeling more secure; and I did find answers for many unsolved questions, for instance for moving procedures respective.”

“All my hopes have been measured up. I have learned very much and got loads of information. More than that I had a great time, met wonderful people, and made some new friends.”


One month later I went to the second session of the NF training. And here the students were doing real business. All of them had done their home work, they all had learned the basics with their heart, and everybody was eager to learn, know, and use new formations and cues.

Unfortunately, with being a busy media woman, my agenda was already full, so I couldn’t participate on the next levels, but I will give you an outline about what was to come:

Workshop 3: Advanced basics, multi-level moves, slow and fast twists and turns, variations.

Workshop 4: Merging of movement, music and costume.

Gabriella says: “After the completion of the first four workshops you are qualified to dance the Neas Tribal Style proper. If you wish to learn how to teach the Neas Tribal Style, you need two more, advanced workshops, which were designed for teachers, especially.”

Workshop 5: How Do I Teach What?

Workshop 6: Demonstration Lesson and Flaw Rectification

“What you have learned will be improved and controlled constantly with refresher courses so that not even small mistakes and irregularities will have a chance to become a habit of yours. This is the quality guarantee of this training, which is specially designed for all of you, who want to teach Neas Tribal Style in the future.

“After the successful completion of the first four workshops all participants will receive a certificate. After successful completion of the additional workshops you can get a teacher’s certificate.“

The first unit in Hanover is completed by now. End of March there were the demonstration lessons for all would-be Neas Tribal Style teachers, the final exam, so to say. All students have passed their exam and received their certificate.
Gabriella has not only teached NF in Hanover, but also in Berlin,
Böblingen, Dillenburg, Freising, Neumünster, Ulm, Viersen, and Linz (Austria). As you can see, she will also come to Austria. And she will
visit other countries.
Big compliments to “Perlatentia”, who always do their best to bring first class teachers and dancers to Hanover. We are already curious, who will be next …
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NEAS FUNDAMENTALS – The travelling dance format
Gabriella, co-founder and art director of "Neas Tribal", stops by at "Perlatentia's"
in Hanover, Germany
by Konstanze Winkler, translation: Marcel Bieger