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Photos: Publishing with kindly permission by Duo Nakari
We have considered very long if we should publish this article or not at „Hagalla“. In the end we said yes. For one all the efforts the Nakari duo, our „Hagalladies“ took on themselves shouldn’t go unmentioned, for second we will keep our part of the deal and report about the 10 years anniversary of Polish tribal. Unfortunately we are waiting in vain for the photos and the list of appearances from the festival organizers until this day, despite many inquiries.

We decided to illustrate this report with photos of the Nakari Duo alone, because these two for us are the true heroes of Krakow

Raqs Tribal Anniversary, Krakow
A show report by Doro & Michaela, the Duo Nakari
The Polish Tribal Bellydance scene celebrated a 10-year anniversary and we were there! Until 2006 Tribal was an art form completely unknown in Poland. A few passionate bellydancers started to travel abroad to bring this amazing dance to the Polish ground and it worked! Now there is at least one tribe in each bigger city and several tribal festivals each year.

Dancers from all over Poland gathered for workshops and the anniversary party at the Gota studio, home of the organizer Yolanda and her Samarkanda Tribe. The walls were decorated with photos from the beginnings of Tribal Bellydance in Poland and many could find themselves on the pictures as baby dancers, reminiscing about their first Tribal steps.

The guest teacher of the festival was the divine Colleena Shakti, teaching a mini-intensive “Indian Fusion Dance Immersion”, in which she shared her unique style as it has evolved for over a decade of dance experience in Rajasthan, where she lived performing in royal palaces for Maharajas, dancing with local performers, training in

classical Indian dances Odissi and Kathak, and studying Yoga. The focus centered around the lecture topic of the Indian court dancers ‘Nautchwali’ and we learned traditional gestures, mudras, steps and turns, which Colleena fused with Tribal Bellydance in her personal signature style, stressing the importance of ethical, informed Fusion.

Accompanying the intensive were workshops by Polish teachers on their various specializations, each more interesting than the previous one.

Dominika Suchecka’s “Brand New Newschool Combos” workshop was a choreography in her personal modern Tribal Fusion stylisation, closely following the music with fluid arms and sharp accents.

In the workshop “Splash, Boom, Punch! The Laban Movement Analysis based dynamics of motion“, Iza Logonowicz introduced us to Laban Movement Analysis and its techniques of building space for dancers as useful tools to develop our own, unique combinations and level them up by the infinite ways to arrange our dance space.

Agata Zakrzewska’s “Oldschool Tribal Fusion” was a workshop filled with juicy and complex hipwork, solid technique drills and combinations inspired by Bal Anat, ghawazee dancers, and the sound of mizmar. Agata’s versatile experience in many of the subgenres of tribal fusion, belly dance and folklores shone through the fresh material she prepared for this workshop.

The studio was filled with the sound of zilling in Yolanda’s workshop “Finger Cymbals - technique and combos”, based on Jamila Salimpour’s technique. Gradually raising difficulty, starting from simple rhythms and natural steps to complex sequences, adding useful tricks and basic exercises and rhythmic patterns, Yolanda showed us a painless and discernible route for a dancer to master the art of zilling.

The evening show was an overview of the Polish Tribal scene, and as Yolanda revealed to us, no application was rejected, since the aim of the evening was to let everyone perform! Despite slight technical difficulties, the stage was alive and the audience cheered for everyone enthusiastically.
All corners of Poland and all variations of Tribal Bellydance were represented, as well as some of the dances that influenced the evolution of Tribal, like Flamenco and Indian Dance.

Several American Tribal Style troupes using classical zills and skirts, but also new accessories like fans and fringed shawls. Groups and soloists presenting their interpretation of Tribal Fusion and their own stylizations. A throwback performance by Yolanda and her sister Ana, in which they revived their first Tribal Fusion duo from years ago, also in the original costumes, and gave it a recent makeover. Yolanda also treated us to a solo with live music by a violinist leading to a group choreo with her students. A special guest dancer presented Kathak dance with a spoken introduction to the style and two performances, which led wonderfully to Colleena Shakti’s fusion solo.

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