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23.05.13 - BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS - Greetings from INKA and SABAH
20.05.13 - Interview with DEB RUBIN (USA)
17.05.13 - Interview with TIDA (Japan)
15.05.13 - The FESTIVAL TRAILER is online!
14.05.13 - First Greetings from the BDSS - Today, INKA and STEFANYA
13.05.13 - Come and dance! APPLY NOW for the OPEN STAGE!
09.05.13 - "Shake your Booty" - All WORKSHOPS of the FESTIVAL at a Glance
08.05.13 - Interview with CAMEW (Japan)
07.05.13 - The FESTIVAL PROGRAM Overview
06.05.13 - Become the next TRIBAL STAR 2013!
current Tribal Festival news:
For the 6th time in a row Tribal Festival Hanover will open it's gates. Like in the years before "Hagalla"
is eager to accompany this big "dancical" again and take a look at the stars, throw a peek at the preparations and gather other bits and pieces
of the biggest tribal event of Europe in the making.
To make you curious and to put you in high spirits.
One of the highlights this year will be the show with the Bellydance Superstars, who will make a stop at Hanover to dance for the tribal people. Plus you get two big shows with national and international stars. Arrange to meet your friends at the bazaar, study the state of the art at 23 high quality workshops, enjoy the supporting program and get engrossed in the thrilling and leading European tribal contest
"Tribal Star".
Fasten your seat belts, here we go:
Monday, May 6th 2013


Now ain’t that amazing. Tribal contest award „Tribal star“ will be bestowed only for the third time this year but has become already the most important tribal award in Europe. Small wonder “Tribal Star” is already the talk of the town in all tribal communities, since it will be staged again in about a month’s time.

Everybody can win at “Tribal Star”, who dances tribal, tribal fusion and anything in between no matter if as soloist, duo or group/tribe. To list all this-or-that-styles there is not enough space in this magazine, because tribal fusion tends to invent itself anew on a regular annual basis. And still not all possibilities are “explored” by now.

DEB RUBIN one of the most famous contemporary tribal fusion dancers will be sitting in the jury and evaluate your performance.

So why hesitate any longer, you soloists, duos and troupes, who dance tribal fusion or tribal, come and apply. Except for the number of people, who perform with you on stage there are no further restrictions to speak of for attending at “Tribal Star”. And this is no national competition but an international one. Amongst the finalists in the first two contests there were artists from Hungary, Czech Republic, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico and France. Of course be beware of a strong German competition. But rest assured that the expert studded jury will see to it that the decisions will be fair and just. Famous national dancers as well as international stars and other people from the community (as, for instance, “Hagalla” editor Konstanze Winkler or the newest Bellydance Superstars composer Tobias Becker) can be found amongst the judges

NNOIZ PAPP (a.k.a. Tobias Becker), latest BDSS composer will write their own piece of dance music for the winners.

Fabulous prizes are waiting for the finalists: Performances and workshops at renowned European festivals for winners and runner ups, as well as a big portrait or a banner (three months for free) in Europe’s leading online magazine “Hagalla” and other material prizes, which come willingly and generously from the traders at the bazaar. And these many prizes are waiting not only for the soloists, but for the groups (and duos) as well, who become more and more important for this contest.

In order to keep “Tribal Star” the most acclaimed tribal award in Europe, promoter Asmahan el Zein has invented the “Sister Festivals”. These are festivals from abroad, who send the winner of their contests to Hanover to perform on one of the evening shows and get two workshops for free (since this is, what they have won at their home festivals, respectively). Until now we had the following “Sister Festivals”: “Tribal Café Copenhagen” in Denmark, “Tribal Imporium” in Great Britain, and “Tribal Weekend” in the Ukraine. This year the focus will be on other festivals in other countries and in the end this system will link together all tribal Europe and make a personal and thrilling exchange possible for artists from all corners of the Old Continent.

MOSKAU, ROME and PRAGUE are under debate for “Sister Festival” 2013, the contest winners will perform there in 2014

Whilst “Hagalla” will again throw a watchful eye at the progressions and progresses of Tribal Festival Hanover, we will also peep at “Tribal Star” every once or twice in a while and report, who will apply, who will be judge, exactly what prizes can be won and who will become “Sister Festival”. We strongly believe that this festival is not only an exiting affair but also one of the main reasons for coming to this festival. Especially for tribes. See you all there and looking forward to it.

For the third time not only in Germany but world wide there will be again the tribal dance prize for the winners of this Tribal Competition

T R I B A L   S T A R
- Best International Tribal Performer

Founded by the well known promoter Asmahan el Zein and awarded at the

6th International Tribal-Festival in Hanover,
June 7th - 9th 2013

Be prepared for an international jury.
Already confirmed jury members are:

-      Deb Rubin (USA)
-      Alexis Southall (Infusion Imporium, GB)
......Martina Viewegová (Tribalfest Prague, CZ)
-      Patricia Zarnovican (perlatentia, GER)
.....Arzo Renz (Tribal Expert, GER)
......Tobias Becker, aka Nnoiz Papp (GER),
......more jury members are to come ...

Closing date
for your applications
is Monday, May 20th 2012!

Make your dream come true and get your „own music“, composed by a well known sound artist!

Just take part on the Contest of the Tribal Festival Hanover! Togehter with your troupe or solo you can win a special music composition at your own options and with your own name.

composed by the recent BDSS "music maker",
film musician and sound designer
Tobias Becker a.k.a. NNOIZ PAPP!

… in arrangement and teamwork with the composer, matching your personal musical and dance-like needs.

Send your applications with YouTube Video or DVD
to Asmahan El Zein (application/terms see below)

Closing date: Monday, May 20th 2013

Conditions of contest.pdf

Application/terms (word.doc)

The "hagalla" team wishes all contestants good luck!

Artist Line-up for the 6th International Tribalfestival
Evening Shows and Workshops

Please note that the list is NOT complete yet – new artists and troupes will be added.

The Bellydance Superstars (USA)!
Sabah, Moria Chappell, Sabrina Fox, Stefanya and Inka!

The Moderation Team:
Elena Sapega & Jan Trummel

Deb Rubin (USA)
Eliran Amar (Israel)
Martina Viewegová (CZ)
Camew & Tida (Japan)
Vesna Zorman & Ambrosia Tribal (SLO)
Alexis Southall (England)
Eszter Rembeczki (Hungary)
Kira Lebedeva (Ukraine)
Sulayca Soijo & Holy Pie (NL)
Martha Saunders (USA/Germany)
Anita Blake (Ukraine/Germany)
Eliana (Russia/Germany)
Perlatentia (Germany)
Asmahan & Friends (Germany)
Fire (Germany)
Amina (Germany)
Arzo Renz (Germany)
Benat Kom Ombo (Germany)
Gabriela & Neas Tribal (Germany)
Apsara Habiba & Ensembles (Germany)
Giuliana Angelini (Germany)
Inga Petermann (Germany)
Anima Sana (Germany)
Libra Sistas (Germany)
Melanie „Sarina“ Bauermeister (Germany)
Maja (Germany)
Duo Majallah (Germany)
Shir o Shakar (Germany)
Patricia Zarnovican (Germany)
Fusionea (Germany)

...and many more amazing artists and incredible surprises to be discovered!

Program & Venues:

Friday, June 7th 2013
FZH Vahrenwald, Vahrenwalder Str. 92, 30165 Hannover
Tribalfestival Opening Show &
Club Bellydance Superstar Tour 2013

With Sabah, Moria Chappell, Stefanya, Sabrina Fox & Inka!
… and the Tribal-Festival Opening Show Stars!
An amazing, unique show and its innovative dance mix including Tribal, Tribal Fusion, Belly Fusion and modern Bellydance 2013

Workshops with Sabah, Moria, Sabrina: 2:30pm / 4.30pm
Big BDSS Bazaar: 6:30pm
Door Open: 7:30pm
Show Start: 8:00pm

Saturday, June, 8th 2013
TKH Turnklubb zu Hannover, Maschstr. 16, 30169 Hannover
Saturday Night Tribal Show
Tribal & Tribal Fusion at its best, an amazing, breathtaking Show!
Door Open: 7:00pm
Show Start: 7:30pm

10:00am – 5:00pm: Workshops
12:00am – 5.45pm:
Bazaar/Contest /Open Stage

Sunday, June, 9th 2013
TKH Turnklubb zu Hannover, Maschstr. 16, 30169 Hannover

10:00am – 2:30pm: Workshops
11:00am – 5:00pm:
Bazaar/Contest Finals/Open Stage

Ticket Sale & Workshop Bookings:
Arno Werner (Karim):  Tel.: 02133/93268
Only Show Tickets: Asmahan El Zein:
Tel: 0511/394 7777

Book Workshops & buy Show Tickets ....... here...
Application/Terms Contest .......
Conditions for the Contest .......
Hotel Recommendations in the Neighborhood

Mercure Hotel Hann. 
Ibis Budget City  (ehem. Etap)

… and low cost group rates
Cityhotel Thüringer

Public transportation info:

Workshop Schedule ....... here...

Tuesday, May, 7th 2013

Wednesday, May, 8th 2013

Artists from many countries have visited Tribal Festival Hanover, but as far as we know there was never before somebody from Japan on stage. The more curious we are for Camew and her tribal dance. She will arrive with her partner Tida. To make the waiting not too long, we asked her some questions in advance, and below you see her answers.
Irasshái, Camew-san.

Where do you live?
In Tokyo capital of Japan.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a nailist, a tribal instructor,
and I also make bellydance costumes.

When did you start with belly dance & tribal? I'm been dancing belly dance since 2008.

Camew is also
a nail stylist
What kind of training do you have? Who were your teachers abroad and in Japan?
Overseas: Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio, Kami Liddle, Kae Montgomery, Jill Parker, and Ariellah. In Japan my teachers were: Misato (tribal) and J.J. Rohita (various choreographies).

How was your start with tribal?
Actually I didn't think of dancing on stage initially. I started belly dance after a friend recommended it to me. Shortly after that I watched the DVD of Rachel Brice in Paris. I researched the roots of ATS and started to learn tribal. After that I started learning tribal from various teachers worldwide from San Francisco to Costa Rica and Hawaii.

How is the tribal situation in Japan?
Compared to overseas it's still a small scene but we realize also that we don’t have many teachers that teach tribal belly dance.
What are your plans for the future?
I'm still not sure how far I still have to go my way, but I want to expand my possibilities how to express myself with movement. I do want to be a performer that visually entertains.

How is your relation to Tida. Are you friends, or just dance partners?
Where did you met?
We've actually met a while ago and have performed at the same events many times. Many said that we resemble each other. We started to talk and coordinate together after that. Tida's dance and performance is great and I'm learning a lot.

...........................................................right: Camew's Video on YouTube, please klick the image ...

Thursday, May 9th 2013

"SHAKE YOUR BOOTY" - All Workshops of the TRIBAL FESTIVAL at a Glance
Monday, May 13th 2013

Apply now for the Open Stage.

- Be part of the fun, enjoy!
- You are dancing Tribal, Tribal Fusion, Belly Fusion, World Dance or Cross over?
- Weather solo, duo, trio, group or ensemble, from professional to hobby dancer, everybody is welcome!

You would like to present your dance on the Open Stage? Apply now! Hanover is looking forward to your Participation.
Application form
Informations about local facts:
Everything under one roof at the TKH –Turnclubb Hannover/Big hall.
The Open Stage is in the middle of the fair hall.
Saturday, June 8th
12.30 - 13.10.....Contest
13.40 - 14.10.....Open Stage 
14.30 - 15.00.....Contest
15.30 - 16.00.....Open Stage
16.30 - 17.10.....Open Stage
19.30.................Evening Show

Bazaar 12.00 - 17.45
Sunday June 9th 
11.30 - 12.10.....Contest
12.30 - 13.00.....Open Stage 
13.30 - 14.00.....Contest/Open Stage
14.30 - 15.00.....Open Stage
15.30 - 17.10.....Contest Finals

Bazaar 11.00 - 17.00
Turnklubb (TKH) Hanover

Tuesday, May 14th 2013


In June they will be here again and the artists of the Bellydance Superstars are already sending their greeting in advance. We’ll start with Inka and Stefanya. Inka even answered our questions for a short interview.

The BDSS Club tour is coming back to Germany and this time not just for three performances.
What induced you to come back und cross-country Germany?
The last tour here in Germany was a great success and a lot of fun. Why not come back?

Because of the great success of the 2012 tour will we see the same program again, or did you build in new elements, or will you even perform something completely new?
Yes, the show is completely new. You should all come again, it’s worth it.

How did you digest last year’s tour? What are your happiest memories?
Of course the experiences on stage, the drill while performing, the creative work together with the other dancers.
Also fun was being the “translator”. The European tour last year was quite long; nine shows in Germany sound
very relaxed against that.

You for yourself went to India for three months. Did you find there, what you were looking for? Well, three
months became almost half a year. I gathered so many interesting experiences! It feels like I’ll be back there, soon.

What plans do you have for the future? Plans?! (laughs) Let's see.


Greetings from Los Angeles. As our June date draws near I am excited to be with all the beautiful people again. I am still filled with pleasure from last years tour and very excited to have this experience with you again. Together we will create beauty and art that will transform the world. Keep up the good work and practice hard.We will see you soon!
Big love and happy dancing, Stefanya

Wednesday, May 15th 2013


Check it out, the announcement video of the
6th International Tribal Festival in Hanover!

Film Production: Siggi Lichtenberg
Music: Tobias "NNOIZ PAPP" Becker

Link: or klick on the picture (right),
and you'll be routed directly to YouTube ...

Friday, May 17th 2013

A short while ago we introduced Camew to you, but today the turn is on her duo partner Tida. The Japanese belly dance community is still small and neat and for further training you go abroad, or, “overseas”, because Japan is an island and therefore surrounded by water. We are very exited at the prospect of having not only one but two artists from the Land of the Rising Sun in our midst and send them a warm welcome


Where do you live? In Tokyo, Japan.
What do you do for a living? I’m a dance Instructor and belly dancer and I am working as a model, also.

When did you start with belly dance and tribal? Where did you get your training, who did you have as instructor? I started belly dancing in the year 2007 and in Japan my teachers were: Takada Akiko, MIHO, Barbee Marko & RUNA. Overseas I went to workshops of: Carolena Nericcio and Kae Montgomery from the FCBD®, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Samantha Emanuel, Asmahan Zeina, Tito & Camelia.

Why did you start with tribal and not. For instance, with flamenco or salsa? I felt like the tension in Tribal was of the same pace as in myself.
How is the tribal situation in Japan? Many people do not know about tribal yet, but it's growing.

What are your plans for your future? I want to continue entertaining and representing myself through dance. In the future I also want to make belly dance costumes and accessories.

What kind of relation do you have to Camew. Are you friends or just dance partners? How did the two of you meet? We are friends and we met at a tribal festival. We both have the same vibes. Camew's style always inspires me, and I got a lot of influences from her.

Homepage:'s Video on YouTube

Monday, May 20th 2013

Deb Rubin is the talk of  the (Tribal Fusion) town and will be star guest at this year's Tribal Festival in Hanover. She will present us her "Project Merkaba", in which (amongst others) Tribal and Contemporary, light and sound effects and digital art all amalgamate. This Merkaba shall be seen in many countries, and Deb won't do this alone but in a trio with two local dancers. She won't tell us, who the lucky German ones will be, so we shall have to wait till June 8th, or do we?

by Anamaria Novak

Can you say something about project Merkaba?

I'm really excited about it. Project Merkaba is a new performance project that I launched last year (2012) in the USA. It was born out of a set that I created for an electronic music festival in Colorado last June, called Sonic Bloom, whose mission is all about shifting consciousness.
I had the opportunity to dream up bigger group choreographies, for a bigger stage, in collaboration with an amazing lighting technician, two awesome dancers/sound engineer, and a live digital artist projecting his art behind us, for an audience of thousands.

You can see the YouTube of the original set here: (or kllick on the photo, right)
The power of coming together with a team to create something bigger than oneself, is transcendent. Mer-ka-ba literally means: Light-spirit-Body. It is thought to be a vehicle that lifts a person to higher states of consciousness--spirit moving through the human body. For me, this relates to dance, and our intention as performers, right? To move beyond the self and be a vessel of
expression of the dance, story, art, music. As a dancer and choreographer, it's my intention to push myself to create performance pieces that allow the audience to feel that transcendence as well.

In 2013, I'm touring the project, and I'm excited to include dancers in other parts of the world. It's a way for me to create a global dance community, or troupe, that is not limited necessarily by geography. It is a way for me to support and work with dancers in other parts of the world who I have my eye on, who have studied intensively with me before and who resonate with my stylizations and approach, and who could strongly contribute to the Merkaba vision. It is a way for me to give back to, and integrate with the communities that have hosted me for workshops and events
I can't tell you who the surprise guests are though because I want it to be a surprise. That is part of the fun of it. We are thinking of documenting the journey this year, and making a little movie of it, as a way to track the connections of tribal fusion bellydancers around the world through this project. It's exciting. You will be able to see Project Merkaba in many places in Europe in 2013.

Check my website for dates/locations:

Thursday, May 23rd 2013

It seems that half the world is getting the screaming Willies about Tribal Festival Hanover

I’m so exited about the next Germany Tour! New choreographies, new cities, new people, and dance, dance, dance! I’m looking forward to meet you all. All my love, Inka
I am super excited to be returning for the second year of Club Bellydance in Germany!
Looking at the line up of dancers for this year, we once again have some amazingly
talented and unique dancers all coming together to present the wonderful world of belly dance.
I want to thank all the local sponsors Birte Brandes, Antje Heinrich, Katharina Joumana, Orient Academy, Shahrazad, Asmahan el Zein, Leyla Jouvana and Yamuna; along with all the performers for their hard work and contributions to this wonderful event!  Bellydance Superstars will be presenting all new solos and choreographies and I am truly excited to once again be in Germany for this wonderful tour! Sabah
Workshop with Sabah: Friday, June 7th,16:30 - 18:30 h:
Sabah's Dance Concepts for Fusion Dancers
Learn from Sabah (BDSS artistic director) body placement, position and power of your legs. Add dynamics to your hip work and overall dance. Important for Tribal- & Bellyfusion Dancer Level: O/M/F

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

on Friday, June 7th 2013, Begin: 18:30
Starting a few days ago Bellydance Superstars now offer tribal clothing and accessoires. Tribal Dance Store (California) is shipping BDSS goods officially:
Check it out, the photo gallery (Tribal Fashion Gallery) is marvellous. Good reason to ask at Miles Copeland’s office about the whence and whither. As everybody knows by now, there will be a BDSS bazaar on Friday, June 7th, the evening of the BDSS/Opening Show and only goods from BDSS will be offered there. Office manager Roxanne answers:
Will BDSS bring Tribal goods to Hanover? We will have some Tribal goods in Hanover, most likely in the form of belts, tank tops, t-shirts, and maybe some other jewelry.

What will be the main items at the BDSS stall? Main items at the BDSS stall will be CDs and DVDs, along with t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, things of that nature.

Please send some photos of the most featured goods. I have attached a few photos for you of the things we offer. I cannot guarantee exactly what will be taken to Germany for our merchandise table (I'm not the one the packs the merchandise for tours), but my guess would be that items such as these will be there.

What ever became of the official European store in London? The European store closed up; we now ship everything from our U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles.

Will there be a new official European store in the near/far future? I don't know if we will launch a new store in Europe, but it is probably something we will consider if our new U.S.-based stores become popular!

Will there be a Fair discount in Hanover and/or elsewhere? As far as I know, there will be no discount on this tour. I am sorry!
Best, Roxanne
Some goods that the BDSS Store has in stock. Also available are CDs, DVDs, jewelry and dance accessories

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