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29.05.13 - Greetings from HUNGARY and JAPAN from ESZTER and TIDA
28.05.13 - "Infusion Emporium" - Interview with ALEXIS SOUTHALL & DAN FULLARD
23.05.13 - BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS - Greetings from INKA and SABAH
20.05.13 - Interview with DEB RUBIN (USA)
17.05.13 - Interview with TIDA (Japan)
15.05.13 - The FESTIVAL TRAILER is online!
14.05.13 - First Greetings from the BDSS - Today, INKA and STEFANYA
13.05.13 - Come and dance! APPLY NOW for the OPEN STAGE!
09.05.13 - "Shake your Booty" - All WORKSHOPS of the FESTIVAL at a Glance
08.05.13 - Interview with CAMEW (Japan)
07.05.13 - The FESTIVAL PROGRAM Overview
06.05.13 - Become the next TRIBAL STAR 2013!
current Tribal Festival news:
For the 6th time in a row Tribal Festival Hanover will open it's gates. Like in the years before "Hagalla"
is eager to accompany this big "dancical" again and take a look at the stars, throw a peek at the preparations and gather other bits and pieces
of the biggest tribal event of Europe in the making.
To make you curious and to put you in high spirits.
One of the highlights this year will be the show with the Bellydance Superstars, who will make a stop at Hanover to dance for the tribal people. Plus you get two big shows with national and international stars. Arrange to meet your friends at the bazaar, study the state of the art at 23 high quality workshops, enjoy the supporting program and get engrossed in the thrilling and leading European tribal contest
"Tribal Star".
Fasten your seat belts, here we go:
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Tuesday, May 28th 2013

When it comes to tribal fusion Great Britain has most notably the “Infusion Emporium” to offer, and Alexis “Southall”, one of the promoters, can be seen on many festivals in Europe. This year she is one of the stars of the Tribal Festival in Hanover. “Infusion Emporium” was “Sister Festival” of Asmahan el Zein’s Tribal Festival in Hanover last year, and at the beginning of this year Anamaria Novak went to Middle England to take part at the newest edition of “Infusion Emporium” and to interview the two promoters. (the big interview will appear in short time in this magazine). Below we shall learn more about the origin and the history of “Infusion Emporium”:

What on Earth is „Infusion Emporium“?
Interview mit Alexis Southall und Dan Fullard
- by Anamaria Novak
Our first event was Samantha Emanuel and Manca Pavli in April 2011, which was extremely popular and helped us to put Wolverhampton on the Tribal Fusion map. The reason we wanted to start this was because there was very little in Tribal Fusion events happening in our local area, although there were many across the UK. We were just noticing some people were not travelling like Alexis and I were and maybe we needed to bring events to them. We also wanted Tribal Fusion to have a place in theatres too and get more general public to come to shows. This is still something we strife for, but we are getting a few. The first event wasn't known as Infusion Emporium yet, we had struggled to come up with an original name, and settled for Belly dance Vaudeville, as a show that incorporated a variety of belly dance. We also did not know at this point that we were going to make a regular event of it. However, from the positive feedback we had received, Alexis was buzzing to create more. Alexis is keen to bring over teachers she has trained on her travels with and knows will be enjoyed by the attendees, some of whom are making their first UK teaching experiences.

After our first event, we took it a bit easier on the planning, but created the first Infusion Emporium in November 2011. This saw Alexis co-teaching with dark fusion dancer Bex, also from the West Midlands. They created a series of unique workshops that would work well together and it became a mini intensive, but Alexis still made sure that a theatre show was a part of the event, and again, it was successful and enjoyable, so Alexis was keen to make it something regular.We weren't sure that the name would stick and be popular as it doesn't really say what it is, but this is what we like about it. It is about the fusion and it will allow us to be very creative with the thoughts behind it.

Our second edition of Infusion Emporium started firstly thinking about teachers, and our original guest with Illan was going to be April Rose, but due to touring commitments of April, this was rescheduled to 2013 and we decided that we would choose Deb Rubin as Alexis had been training with her a lot in 2011 and was very keen on her approach to dance therapeutics. Deb had taught in the UK before, but there were a lot of people who had not yet trained with her and after positive comments from UK dancers who had attended Tribal Fest, a lot of people were interested in what she had to offer. So, the event started and for the first time, we were having interest from European dancers who wanted to attend. The first being Vesna Zorman, director of Ambrosia Dance Company in Slovenia, and so we added her Dramatic Sparkly Eyes make up workshop to the event, and it sort of became a festival.

Our idea was now to create a dance festival like we had experienced in Europe, with the theatre show, workshops with a range of teachers and the whole experience that goes with it of networking, making friendships, and partying.

OK, the show this time ... we were very lucky. Alexis has met so many dancers that have become true friends on her travels and they are all very supportive of each other. So what started with Vesna being a part of our show and event, we soon has dancers from Germany, Austria, Finland as well as our UK friends becoming a part of the show and it became mind blowing amazing. And then we were lucky enough to have Olivia Kissel and Martina Crowe-Hewett join the line up.
I think it's important to add that we never expected ever that we would have a show that people would say was the best show they'd ever been to. But we look up the line ups we have had in any of our shows and we can see how they think this.

Alexis Southall gives a Workshop on Sunday, June 9th 2013,
12:30 - 14:20 h

Alexis Southall (GB)
Open Up for ARM-ageddon

Upper body movements and combinations. Focus on shoulders, chest and snake arms. (Level: M)
Registration here ...
Wednesday, May 29th 2013

And it goes on with international greetings, today we have Eszter and Tida!

"I cannot wait to be there in Hanover. It's fascinating how wonderful dancers will get together at the Tribal Festival! I am so excited, so, wohoooo, let's Dance!!! Minden szépet és jót kívánok Magyarországról , sok sok tánccal, tündérrel és napsütéssel!!!

Wishing you all the best from Hungary with lots of dance, fairies and sunshine!!!
All the best and see you soon, Eszter
TIDA (Japan)
Hello all, this is Tida Naomi (Tida means “the sun”)
This is my first time to attend the Europe Tribal Festival. I've wanted to go to Germany for a long. Also we've heard that the Tribal Festival recently is so much fun. We've heard this from so many people. Because of a lot of dancers I have the opportunity come & looking forward to it. I am really looking forward to attending working shops & the show. All the best to you, Tida

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