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Tribal Fusion is not only en vogue but also common talk, means nearly in every town in the world. Take for example Spain, about which our “Hagallady” Latifah Abdel reports today. She was born in Spain, but since many a years lives in the German town of Karlsruhe. Latifah runs her own successful festival, “Tribal Varieté”, and knows all that matters. Check out, what she experienced in Leon
TribaLeón - Feel the Movement

by Latifah Abdei

León - Have you ever heard of it? Well, it is a small city in the north west of Spain, situated really far away from the popular beaches of Costa Brava and the island of Mallorca. Yes, right there, León lies at the opposite side of Spain, where only few tourists can be found since the cold Cantabric Sea is just one hour drive, and therefore, its climate is not truly what we could call “tropical”.

But together with many other positive things about this place - like its amazing food and landscapes - you can find there a fantastic tribal fusion dancer named Cristina García. She is a young and talented lady who, after studying acting and circus arts, fell completely in love with the oriental dance (she even moved to Buenos Aires to learn from Saida herself!) and with tribal fusion belly dance. Cristina now owns the Centro Indira studio in León downtown, one of the pillars of tribal fusion in northern Spain, and she has a mission to accomplish: “to infect the whole north-eastern part of the country with the tribal virus”.

And, as cool as it sounds, she is reaching her aim: this year between the 27th and 29th of March she organized the successful “TribaLeon Fest” for the second time.

Within these three days in March León did celebrate a wonderful dance festival with a great open stage, where the new generation of dancers got the chance to present their work. Moreover, there were several dance workshops everyday which focused on many different topics important for the fusion dancers: from bhutto to dark fusion, from ATS to contemporary, you could find really everything, you were looking for. And this attracted many workshop attendants who really enjoyed this chance of learning from some of the best Spanish tribal dancers of these times: Delirium, Martnisha, Chayo Roig, Lady Vamp or the BDE crew member Barakalofi. And, of course, to make any tribal lover even happier Cristina organized a lovely bazaar, containing such wonderful gems like Cadmium Rose Designs from Barcelona (
So, every dancer had his role; for example: the homeless couple was played by Cristina García and Ángel Zotes, Tania Benito from Madrid was  the widow and the ATS ladies of the Mandala Tribe played the squatters.

This mixture of theater and dance made the audience vibrate with the performances and showed clearly how much talent and love for our dance art can still be found in Spain, in spite of the financial crisis.
All in all, we can just congratulate Cristina on working so hard for the development of tribal fusion belly dance, and on being able to organize such a terrific festival in a small province in the north of Spain.

And, of course, we are already looking forward to more “TribaLeón” and to seeing more of the extremely active Spanish dance scene.
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La grande final
Latifah Abdel
The caretaker - actor Pablo Parra
And, last not least, we shouldn’t forget to mention the sold out Saturday evening show presenting all the possible dance styles in our oriental dance scene. “Vecinos” (neighbours), as the show was called, was the perfect excuse to let some of the most important Spanish belly dancers rock the stage. During the show the caretaker of the imaginary community of neighbours (the actor Pablo Parra) lead the audience through the different stories that every one of them had to tell.