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About 6th Tribal Festival
of the Russian Tribal Federation

13. - 16. April 2013 in Moscow, Russia
They say it’s cold in Russia

 … It’s true. Winters here are long and cold. And as if returning to life after a long period of immobility, every year all the people who bare love for tribal style in their hearts go to Moscow from different countries as well as from every corner of our motherland to visit the annual festival of tribal culture in Russia. It’s become a tradition. And we all wait for this immense event, get ready, and get nervous. Every year there are more and more guests. And the festival itself becomes more interesting and unique.
Grains of knowledge sowed in people give quaint sprouts. It’s especially true, when a person longs for knowledge, development and doesn’t fear going
the chosen path.
Those who were looking for this knowledge of tribal six years ago and found it at workshops during all the festivals organized by Russian Tribal Federation, those who worked to exhaustion  after it in dance classes changing themselves and their own dance in compliance with the knowledge received, gaining their own experience – all these people have become teachers by now. Many of them already run their own studios and schools and have gained teaching experience. And the best performers were invited to the festival to share
their knowledge.
Milana (Oxana Peslyak) is the director of FCBD® sister-studio ‘SIRIN TRIBE’. She is from Saint-Petersburg, and in her image and style she is reflecting grace, finesse, nobility, and elegance, which serve as the hallmark of our “Northern Venice”, as St. Petersburg is called. On stage Milana is the same – you watch her dance and your eyes don’t get tired, you don’t surfeit. Her performances or those of ‘SIRIN TRIBE’‘ always leave you in the state of lightness and with the feeling of flight.

Amir (Igor Rodin) is our bright and unique tribal prince. He is a master of creating stories on stage. Every time his dance reminds you of a new fantasy book in which from the first to the last page you are thrilled with the plot and your mind is carried away through an unpredictable embodiment of ideas. Amir is from the city of Penza, he is the director of tribal-group “Flourish” which is loved by the audience due to its interesting performances and unusual ideas in dance

Our darling guest from near abroad is Dhiya (Olga Shereikaite). She attends all the events held by Russian Tribal Federation, teaches workshops in various Russian cities, and she is so with us that sometimes we forget that she comes to us all the way from another county, Kazakhstan. She is incredibly talented, brilliant, and a tireless worker. Her solo as well as group performances are always a big surprise, always very unpredictable and an interesting show. Every year people wait for her, looking forward to what she’s got for them this time. And for her students taking her classes when she comes to Russia Olga always prepares something requiring diligent practice, understanding and devotion.
Niafa! Niafa? Yes, Niafa (Yulia Khmelnitskaya). A very creative person. Outstanding and recognizable. She is vice-president of Russian Tribal Federation.  Also she is the director of the “Tribal Virus” group from Krasnodar. Her creative flow contains so many colour details, so many shades that it’s plain useless to try and describe it with words. You need to see it. There is a saying – “Better to see once than hear a hundred times” – and it’s about Niafa. She is famous for her dance experiments, you may like her or not, her art vision may raise heated debate and can be a subject of much controversy, but surely will not leave you indifferent.
Divon (Yekaterina Konovalova) is incredible. She creates such choreographies that at first you don’t believe that one can repeat it – it’s impossible, isn’t it?! It’s impossibly beautiful! And when you start learning it, it turns out to be easy. All ingenious is simple. Divon masters this magic to perfection. She creates drop-dead gorgeous movements out of simple elements. And it’s all flavored with her personal enchantment and charm and love for what she does. This love has led her to establishof her own dance-group, ‘Tarot Noir’, which consists of most talented young tribal-dancers from Moscow.
Another Russian city, Yekaterinburg, has always been famous for its craftsmen and artisans. And Elena Arslanova, who comes to Russian tribal-festival every year, has the right to be called an artisan too, because she is very talented. She is the director of a dance group named ‘Tribal Beat Dance Company’. At the gala-show of the 6th tribal-festival they presented their strikingly beautiful and stylish dance, which later on was remembered as a mythical story, Near-Eastern mystery told via this dance. Bravo!
In Siberia, which is associated even more with the Russian cold weather, there is a city, where tribal lives in its own house:
The "
Tribal-House of Novosibirsk". And the mistress of this house is Evgeniya Akimova, who is filled with the sunlight to the brim. It seems that along with her come summer, the smell of fruit, and laughter. And their American Tribal Style®, which they presented at the gala-show, was in the same mode. It was as if tropical flowers were about to blossom on the stage.
The atmosphere of the festival is difficult to describe. Everything is saturated with unity: communication, training, joined meals and friendly klatches until late. We live in different parts of the country, but gather every year in one place and the setting seems to change immediately. Everything is saturated with the spirit of tribal for many square kilometers around. This is a kind of psychological convergence and sometimes it feels as if the hearts of all people in the room are beating in one and the same rhythm. And it happens not only because we dance to the same music and play zills simultaneously. It’s larger than that; it’s a single stream in which we are immersed and this is what gives us the rhythm and speed for the festival days.

The number and concentration of creativity in the days of the festival and in this place is so high it causes the birth of new projects, new ideas and ways of their realization. It feels like we accumulate tribal energy inside us and at the festival we pour it out in common stock and dive right into it where an alchemical process of transformation takes place. We are always slightly different by the end of the festival. We take away to our distant cities this tribal magic and try to preserve it there, to develop, to accumulate and to share everything we have with our students, with the audience coming to our concerts. This is the life of the dance tradition, it reminds of ocean tides and we are immersed into this life.

Remembering myself at the beginning of my acquaintance with tribal, I always thank my lucky stars for giving me the chance and opportunity to meet Svetlana Dvoretskaya, our Tribalhanum. She was, is and I hope will be my teacher.  She is truly a Magic Woman; she is the person who headed tribal movement in Russia and established Russian Tribal Federation six years ago, she is the director of group ‘UJBABA’ – the first Russian FatChanceBellyDance® sister-studio. She gave us all the chance
to learn from teachers who stood at the beginnings of American Tribal Style and tribal-fusion. You can’t assess and measure this huge work and effort. You only can understand it and feel it, if you are devoted to the same thing that makes your heart go faster and gives you strength.

The girls from ‘UJBABA’ have become a real family. They receive all the guests, help with accommodation, and settle all the questions regarding organization, they interpret at the workshops. At the same time their performance on stage takes one’s breath away. They are vivid, qualified, and emotional. They are like fighters of the invisible front, but it’s their love for tribal, their loyalty, and devotion that support the bulk of organization. I’ve been watching them and sometimes I think that they live in a slightly different dimension. They seem to know some secret how to manage at time much more things that we all can. It’s incredible, it captivates and whips you up. They are a role model for all of us.

There is a huge dance family. And the name of it is Tribal!
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Photos © Alexey Mashutikov
Graphics/WebDesign: Konstanze Winkler
The 7th Festival of the Russian Tribal Federation takes place in April, 10th - 14th 2014!
above and right:

Svetlana Dworetskaja
above: "Tribal-House of Novosibirsk"
left: "Tribal Beat Dance Company"

left: Dhiya
right: Divon
below: Niafa
- original text by Valeriya Potapovich;
translated into English by Anna Khrupkina
Editors speaking: Since quite a while we were interested in how belly dance and tribal were handled in Russia. The “Russian Tribal Federation” – by the way, as “Sister Festival” of the Tribal Festival in Hanover, Germany - has been so kind as to grant us a report on their festival in April 2013. We have asked them to concentrate on their own artists, because the dancers of Russia and the CIS are still unknown to us – this will hopefully change with the article below, which we would love to call a lyrical report because of its very special style.
Tribal Festival and Tribal Fair are hold in spring and autumn corres- pondingly. To Tribal Fair we bring the crops of our spring training, when during the festival seeds of knowledge fell into the fertile ground of minds of those, who were ready to learn, to change, and to go in the same stream with everybody staying themselves. It also concerns those who are not afraid of changes and transformations, wanting them and seeking them, fulfilling them in dance.
This time there were invited wonderful teachers: Ariellah, Tjarda, Wendy and Sandi of "FatChanceBellyDance"®, Frank Farinaro, and Amy Sigil. Each of them brought interesting workshops, their own vision and understanding of tribal in general within the frame of this dance style.  And it’s such a joy for a dancer to have a chance to learn from these people, who as a matter of fact created and continue to create this dance tradition
which possesses so much beauty, graceful power and endless opportunities
for creative experiments