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June, 18th - 19th 2011
by Lenka Adamkova (Afsana)

Tribal Fusion Fest Brno is a festival with a long tradition. It was first organized in 2007 to present oriental dance in its variety and to provide an alternative to the prevailing raqs sharqi/cabaret scene at that time. The people behind the festival in the past years, particularly Anna Ronovská, were from the group El Raks Sael. They were all students of Bri Hurley who brought tribal to the Czech Republic. That was 10 years ago.

6th TRIBAL FUSION fest Brno
Photos with kind permission by Lenka Adamkova
Grafik und Layout:
Konstanze Winkler
This year, the festival is organized by a different dancer – Afsana. She says: “I am really happy I was given this opportunity. Anna, the founder of the festival, had less and less time so she asked me to do it instead. It’s a lot of work and responsibility, of course, but it’s not like trying to organize something from scratch. I’m merely putting my ideas onto an already existing, working and respected event. That’s a big advantage. Anna and Bri also gave me a bit of know-how and luckily, I found another dancer from Brno, Byakko, who’s helping me with the show.

Each festival has its own theme. This year I chose ‘Community’. Besides Brno, there are well-established tribal communities in Vienna and Bratislava. With all of the cities so close together, it’s a nice chance to connect and work together on a regular basis. So one of my aims is to bring these three communities together. The festival, however, is organized with the intention to feature respected dancers from the Slovak/Austrian/Czech region and present them as teachers too. I’m happy that so many foreign superstars are coming here to teach, but sometimes we tend to forget that there are great teachers to learn from right under our very noses.

The theme Community is not only about cooperation between professionals but also about the students. In order to educate and provide space for discussion, there is a block of 4 lectures on topics from the world of tribal dance. Everyone is welcome here to participate as the lectures are free and aimed at all levels of dancers. Lastly, there is a workshop of flamenco for fusion dancers, which means plenty of arm and hand moves, talking about posture, music and culture, and above all – no shoes. There are still a few spots left and English translation will be provided if needed.

The Tribal Fusion Fest Brno show is a bit different from other tribal shows here, as it is not open for anyone to perform. This allows me to organize a dynamic show with fewer dancers who, at the same time, are given more space to show off their skills. A downside to this is that there are many good, strong dancers who were not invited this year because of the time limit. Nevertheless, I believe that the audience will appreciate this concept and enjoy the variety and high level of performances.

Die Dozentinnen (von links oben nach rechts unten) Michaela (Nakari), Martina Viewegová, Afsana, Lady Stania, Doro (Nakari), Bri Hurley, Denisa, Alexandra und Dominika (Rustiqua)


Alexandra (Rahat Lukum)


Bri Hurley


Libuše Bachratá


Marta Bedriová

Martin Tomaško (drummer)

Martina Viewegová

Míša Blažíková


No Feet (street dance)


Siderea (UV show)

Stáňa a Irena

Bri Hurley
El Raks Sael
Libuše Bachratá
More informations:

Facebook: Tribal Fusion Fest Brno


Lenka "Afsana" Adamkova
(Czech Republic)
Since then, Bri taught many dancers and trained virtually every tribal teacher here, so Brno is like a Mecca of tribal for both Czech and Slovak. It was just a matter of time when a tribal festival would be organized there. Over time, the event gained wider audience and featured dancers from different parts of the Czech Republic. Elizabeth Strong was invited twice to dance and teach at Tribal Fusion Fest in 2008 and 2009.
In fact, this was her very first time teaching in Europe.
In order to break that, there is a unique festival workshop which will be taught by 6 different teachers (groups) from 4 countries. Each teacher or group is given a 30 minute slot to show off the best from their repertoire. It seems that students appreciate this idea because it is already fully booked. My personal wish is also that this idea is taken over by teachers from other countries to support their local dancers/teachers.