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Marta Bedriová is one the most popular and best belly dancers of Slovakia. We are very happy and proud to publish a show report from her. Even more so, as she is writing about one of the most important festivals in the middle of Europe, the Tribal Prague Festival. Read her lines, and you will be astonished how vivid, energetic, blossoming and high standard the Tribal scene in this region is. There will be more in “Hagalla” about belly dance in these countries, at least until these names are familiar to us and we made friends with them. We couldn’t resist to call this article "TRIBAL IN THE CENTRE"

Tribal Prague, March, 25th 2011
by Marta Bedriová

Translation and foreword by Marcel Bieger

It is Friday afternoon, March 25th, and I am sitting in a train and travelling to the beautiful city of Prague.  Can’t wait for “Tribal Prague”! This event is held for the second time and becomes really popular and more and more international. The dancers are coming from many different countries and one very special guest will show up! I’m looking forward for the open stage, the gala show and the workshops with this very special guest.

Today’s evening is devoted to the Open Stage which is opened to new, unknown dancers or experimental performances. I am soooooo curious!

The Open Stage show will start at 7:30 pm in the theatre “Na prádle”, there’s some time left before the start and I am struggling through the crowd and watching the beautiful things offered by the vendors.  I can say, Tribal Prague has its own fans, there are more people and more sellers than last year. I have still a few minutes to peek at the backstage and sniff up the atmosphere of preparing, bustling, racket and the smell of make-up.
I can see faces smiling, fixed, a bit nervous, and I feel a little stress there but also a lot of great and strong female energy. How to say ... positive stress? Yes, I like it! So I don’t want to be a nuisance and I shy away to look for some place to sit where I can enjoy the show, this year as some kind of spectator.
Then, at 7:30 the organisers of this event, Martina Viewegová and Katka Havelková, welcome everybody and the show can begin.

Tribal Prague Festival is opened with the zills of the young girls from Habibi Tribe, a nice beginning, a little gypsy music and drums to go with it but very sweet and totally different from the next performance of Zuzana Korbelová in Gothic style.

Really funny is the performance of the ladies from Freya as Barbie girls, I appreciate this idea. -  I didn’t know Monika Petrová before, but I know U2 and now I know that fusion and U2 can work together.

More tribal is brought by Huchi Kuchi and Tereza, with a light Persian influence in her solo dance. -
The next Tribal fusion piece is performed by

Then the Duo Baribal dances a very interesting choreography to a very interesting music, I think I saw a sprinkle of African elements in between. - A slow dance in Gothic style, with some dramatic parts included is performed by Hanka Lilith Kminova.

With tribal energy comes  the Red Rose Tribe with a gypsy rhythm, very wide skirts and big smiles. -

The impressive
Karolina Kalašová is always beautiful in her vintage style and I love her strong technique and her choice of music still accords.
Galeb Tribe, a group of Katka Havelková is entertaining with their funny fusion choreography and their catchy song, it makes me dance on my place. -

The first part of the show is closed by the excellent
Michaela Sládečková with India Calling in Tribal Fusion a piece with Indian flavour. How beautiful her Eka Pada Rajakapotasana pose is! Short break follows now and I’m processing in my head what I saw in this part.
Galeb Tribe (Katka Havelková)
Michaela Sládečková
Karolina Kalašová
Duo Baribal
Zuzana Korlbelová
Martina Viewegová and Katka Havelková
Monika Petrová
Huchi Kuchi und Tereza
Marta Bedriová
The second part starts with the peculiar UV light show of the Siderea troupe. We can see no more than white luminous masks, costumes and props on a black stage. With their dramatic music they look really epic! - Now we can return to tribal style energy of the group improvisation of Veronika Tribe.

Zuzana Veselá in her playful fusion piece charmed me, also her costume and skirt are fancy! And I can’t forget her jolly dance! -Totally different is Vespera Sidereus, in their masks, they look dark and dramatic.
Obversely, smooth, fluent, soft and a little bit jazz mixed into it the Hungarian girls, Alexandra and Eszter, are dancing out of our world. Pure beauty … and pure “Amon Tobin”. And now, the first Slovakian girl is entering the stage, Monika Múčková and her great tribal fusion piece. I am really happy, what a great surprise, we really need such great tribal dancers in Slovakia.

Orchidee Noire’s choreographies are usually interesting and unique and this piece in Gothic style has very unusual elements and accents, I love that. With their asymmetric masks the girls look mysteriously. Kateřina Tabhaee Nechvátalová brings the spirit of India in her Indian fusion with zills.

Afra & group show funny and coquet cabaret with a chair and vintage tassel dresses. Anička & Lady Stania dance on beautiful music and their dance is interesting when they move sometimes together and sometimes like doing battle (well, it looks so to me).

The very young Byakko makes her solo piece with electronic music. - The last performance for this night is presented by the Slovak(ian) girls, Alishaba, dynamic performance, great work with skirts, and beautiful skirts thy are! They look fresh and nice on the stage. And it was an excellent end for today’s Open Stage show.

What is to say at the end of tonight? The spirit of this Open Stage show was creativity. Sometimes I missed more gesture and a smile in a certain performance but nobody is perfect.  I can forgive them, what do you think?  Generally I was surprised about the high level of the dancers and the various ideas they presented, very inspiring. I think we can learn from each other, inspire, listen and respect each other. Good job, ladies.

Now, it’s time to go to sleep and prepare our bodies for a arduous day tomorrow.
Veronika Tribe
Zuzana Veselá
Vespera Sidereus
Alexandra & Eszter
Kateřina Tabhaee Nechvátalová
Orchidee Noire
Monika Múčková
Anička & Lady Stania
Graphics and layout: Konstanze Winkler
Photos ©: "Marta Bedriová" © Petr Vyhlidal, Martina and Katka © Martina Tana, all others © Major Sládková