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Tribal Prague, March, 25th 2011
by Marta Bedriová

Translation and foreword by Marcel Bieger

Graphics and layout: Konstanze Winkler
Photos ©: Zuzana Geciová, Alexandra Marton, Safron Tribe, Sharie, Marta Bedriová and Afsana & Lucilla © Petr Vyhlidal,
Duo Nakari, Maria Fomina and Karolina Roszivalová © Radim Vanousek,
all others © Ivo Habran
Saturday, I am a bit tired after the interesting workshop with Samantha Emanuel, after lunch we are moving to the theatre with a lot of stuff for our performances. Tonight’s gala show promises to become amazing with all the great dancers, who will make their appearance. I try to find some small place for me in the backstage area, because today I belong here, so I can enjoy the dressing room atmosphere a little bit more – hopefully I shall not miss too much of the show; anyway I am happy and grateful that I am part of this.  I am not going to disturb dancers and only unobtrusively observe them. I also need to prepare myself.  So, let’s show what we know!
What is most fitting for the opening of the Tribal Prague Gala show? The Tribal group improvisation by Aiwa Tribe with their own drummer seems to be the best choice. - I am still thinking about yesterday’s graceful performance of Alexandra Márton and Eszter  from Budapest, Hungary, , tonight they are lovely again.

From the Renenet Tribe  with their beautiful Beirut song, I like their travelling steps and really nice choreography best. - Zuzana Geciová is beautiful, etheric and fine looking in her white costume - with her silk wings she looms up as a fairy. She is also from Slovakia, I am so proud!

The troupe Jedová růže with their choreography and  the striped snakes is funny as ever. I am following their moves with a big smile on my face. And their costumes are great!

Totally different is the performance of Krea, she appears so strong, and so dramatic. And now we will get more action from Saint-Petersburg! - Seiren Tribe came from Russia to Prague not for the first time.
I like the style of their duet dance, together but individual. With Muse music they rock!
Only one Gothic performance this evening and it is presented by Zafirah or dark angel in matrix (my idea). - More Tribal is coming from the large, powerful and joyful Tamawi troupe led by Martina Viewegová. So many beautiful girls are dancing on stage at the same time. Funny group improvisation is followed by next dancer from Russia, Viktoriya Rybaková from Tribal Mafia and I can´t stop following her beautiful hand moves, amazing! - From Vienna, Austria, are Nakari, my dear friends and great dancers Doro and Michaela perform a fusion piece with Indian flavour. As usually, they fit together in dance and costumes.
Bri Hurley is the lady, who brought tribal directly from San Francisco into the Czech Republic and she is the teacher of most of the Czech and Slovakian tribal dancers.  Tonight she expresses her emotions in tango rhythms. - And now, ladies and gentlemen, enters the stage England’s own Bellydance Superstar Samantha Emanuel. It’s exciting to see Samantha dance, her style is unique and her music interpretation breathtaking. Amazing Samantha! I could watch her all the time.
The second part of the evening show is opened by sweet Maria Fomina from Kiev, Ukraine. She looks so gently and tenderly but this girl has really a strong technique. - The Energy from the Saffron Tribe ladies is unbelievable, powerful and full of joy for dance, yes you can dance tribal at any age and it is always strong and beautiful as these women are.

From backstage I am watching
Sharie and what she is doing with her poi veils, easy going and smiling. What a beautiful big smile on her face. - Then we have the next Slovakian girl, Marta Bedriová. So, it ‘s me! What can you say about me? I love floorwork and backbends and …. Sepultura! Hah!

Oh I missed the beginning of the Onyx Tribe, in their elegant dresses, like if they would come directly from the last century. - Our costume maker and the co-organiser of Tribal Prague, the great Katka Havelková knows how to make costumes and how to dance! She has her own specific style, which I like very much.

From Slovakia are the always lovely
Rustiqua girls, again with their juicy and jolly swing choreography. They look great on stage and I am very proud of these talented girls as well as of their work for the tribal community in Bratislava!
Afsana & Lucilla show the power of Tribal improvisation in a duet, they are real ladies of Tribal! They have fan, we have fun.
Then, one of my favourite dancers and friends in our area, the fabulous Martina Viewegová, the second organiser of this great event, dances her unmatched solo improvisation.

In the next performance, Bri Hurley is absolutely authentic; the talented drummer Martin Tomaško’s music does funny things with her body. - From Moscow comes Tribal Mafia (I like name Tribal Russia Mafia) with a wonderful and vivid performance. I see these girls for the first time and I already fall in love with them! Great dance and great choice of music. Lovely!

And at the end the amazing Samantha Emanuel is absolutely stunning, again! Samantha shows her theatrical aspect as she is dancing to “We will rock you”. And how she rocks us! She is not only an universal dancer but also a marvellous and charming show woman!
During the performance of Karolína Rozsívalová the audience really stopped breathing. Her dance with swords is brilliant. Keeping two swords on her head or hip or arms is great, but four swords on her head are absolutely amazing!
Now we are running from audience to backstage and to the stage for the final presentation of the dancers, acknowledgements, clapping and photography. We can enjoy the last minutes on the stage. I have to say the tonight show was very successful with performing of a lot of quality dancers who have shown their art in the best way.

Statistically, within two days there performed a total of 125 dancers from 7 countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, UK, Russia and Ukraine. I think this is the result of the popularity and the quality of the Tribal Prague Festival. Our heart felt thanks go to the organisers Katka Havelková and Martina Viewegová for managing, tagging together this crowd and creating such great two shows and finally for the organising of this event, accommodating, help and aspiration. I believe, to realise a project like this is very time-consuming and it takes a lot of energy. But you did great job ladies, you can be proud of yourselves.

I’m already looking forward to the next year!

Russian Tribal Mafia
Bri Hurley and Martin Tomaško
Samantha Emanuel
Martina Viewegová
Karolina Roszivalová
Katka Havelková
Maria Fomina
Marta Bedriová
Onyx Tribe
Saffron Tribe
Bri Hurley
Bri Hurley
Samantha Emanuel
Viktoriya Rybaková
Duo Nakari
Seiren Tribe
Alexandra Márton
Jedová růže
Tribe Aiwa
Zuzana Geciová
Renenet Tribe