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15.03.12 - Jamming with JILLINA - Guest Drummer CASTANO about his job at BDE 2
14.03.12 - The BDE CASTING WINNERS, part four
13.03.12 - The FAIR TRADERS of the WORLD OF ORIENT
12.03.12 - The BDE CASTING WINNERS, part three
11.03.12 - The whole wide World will show you! WS with ANASMA, LES SOEURS..., FIRE
09.03.12 - Who is who in "DARK SIDE OF THE CROWN", part 2
08.03.12 - Who is who in "DARK SIDE OF THE CROWN", part 1
07.03.12 - The whole wide World will show you, WS with KAESHI, EGLAL, ARTEMISIA
current World of Orient news:
This year for the 13th time „on air“: the World-of-Orient festival in Hanover, Germany, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, where you can find side by side traditional and modern dances, classical belly dance and tribal, but also big shows and special evenings. Like for instance Jillina’s “Bellydance Evolution” with her second dance show “Dark Side of the Crown”, which will debut in Europe at the WoO in Hanover. Online magazine “Hagalla” will report and comment on a regular basis about trends, news, important and not quite so important things concerning this festival. Look out for the “ticker”
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March 7th 2012


Once again teachers from all over the world will flock in Hanover, Germany, to share their newest insights, experiences and successes with you. We would like to give you a small – and subjective – choice of rewarding workshops, today and in intermittently intervals:

Kaeshi Chai (USA)
Temple Goddess Bellydance (Sat 10:00 – 12:00)

Immerse into the magical world of a goddess – to the mystical music of Pete List’s “Flutterby” (with banjo and beatbox) Kaeshi will show you bringt Kaeshi Euch fascinating arm moves and other irresistible moves.

Eglal (Czech Republic)
Ballet Oriental (Sat 10:00 – 12:00)

In this workshop you will be pampered with essential basics for many elements of modern raqs sharqi: balancing arabesques, elegant whirls, delicate arm moves and many more – you can count on that

Artemisia (Belgium)
Jump & Dance Power Moves! (Sat 12:30 – 14:30)

Reach high with the Belgian top dancer Artemisia. Temperamental step combinations and precise leg work will produce amazing effects which will improve your dance beyond imagination.

March 8th 2012


From Brad Macdonald, who wrote the script for “Dark Side of the Crown”, the following secret tidings have reached us on mysterious ways:

“Quite a few people have been asking me how about the process for writing "Dark Side of the Crown" so I decided to share some tidbits from the story document that Jillina & Co. used to choreograph and design the show. I've removed all plot spoilers from the character descriptions and yes, many of the names are derived from Farsi.
Queen Rahvan (Spirit)
Heather Aued
Benevolent, honorable
Rahvan is a regal, beautiful matriarch. She is elegant and compassionate, loved by all. She adores all three of her daughters equally but faces a difficult decision: she can choose only one of them to succeed her on the throne.

Princess Sharnaz (Favorite one)
Adjectives: Popular, extroverted
Sharnaz is popular with the court and people of the queendom.
Friendly, open and center of attention in the palace she believes she is the rightful heir of the throne. She loves Imperial Guard Pezhman but hides their relationship because it would be unseemly for royalty to be with a common soldier. Should her affair with Pezhman ever become known she would not be considered for the crown so their love can never be expressed openly. She is desperate for the crown.
Princess Zahra (Boldness)
Sharon Kihara
Adjectives: Confident, independent, aloof
Dark and mysterious, Zahra shuns the court and believes true leadership comes from the strength of individual character and, for this reason, she believes she is the rightful heir of the throne. She doesn’t pander to court and has a dislike for the theatrics and pomp of court politics.

Princess Kimiya (Alchemy)
Kaeshi Chai
Adjectives: Spiritual, wild, conflicted
Quiet and spiritual, Kimiya is admired by all for her compassion and goodness of heart. Beneath her façade of calm she dreams of a life free from courtly pressures and longs for simplicity. She has lived her entire life with the expectation that she might eventually be Queen and the pressure is finally beginning to erode her sense of calm.
... and tomorrow the WHO IS WHO IN "DARK SIDE OF THE CROWN", part 2 ...

March 9th 2012

Amrakay the Advisor (Cougar)
Adjectives: Ambitious, sensual, controlling
Amrakay is an ambitious and lifelong servant to the throne. She is flirty and abusive of her power, slapping men and women of the court on the ass. She’s crass, lewd and eagerly orders around the members of the court.
General Hafez (Responsible caretaker)
Oz Ashkenazi
Adjectives: Disciplined, loyal
General Hafez is head of the Queen’s army. He is precise, professional and prone to outbursts. He is a natural leader and believes the military should have equal power to rule the land.
Imperial Guard Pezhman (Broken-hearted)
Danielo Mendez
Likeable, mischievous
Pezhman is a natural fighter and equally charming so, despite his lack of discipline, he has advanced through the military ranks to become one of Queen Rahvan’s elite guards. He loves Princess Sharnaz but knows she will never openly express her love unless she is selected to succeed her mother as Queen.
Imperial Guard Ahriman (Destructive force)
Serious, ambitious, dangerous
Ahriman is disciplined, brooding and dangerous. He does not take his position as an Imperial Guard lightly and would readily give his life to protect the Queen. Like the rest of the court he is unaware the his fellow guard, Pezhman, is having an affair with Princess Sharnaz.
Priestess Elaheh (Priestess)
Performer: Jamilah
Adjectives: Graceful, composed, giving
The soothsayer and the religious leader. She is draped in long flowing clothes and, by her costume and poise, it is clear that she is the spiritual leader. Dark and elegant, every movement is slow, maternal and loaded with meaning.
March 11th 2012


Once again teachers from all over the world will flock in Hanover, Germany, to share their newest insights, experiences and successes with you. We would like to give you a small – and subjective – choice of rewarding workshops, today and in intermittently intervals.
(further infos:

Anasma (Vietnam/Tunesia/France/USA)
- Rock your body Drills and combos and new funky choreography.
Sat 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Let's dance! Let's apply all of the technique and hard work to a fun and funky choreography! You can’t describe Anasma with words, you have to encounter the Universe’s own wonder. Yeeleeleeleeelee Yow!

Les Soeurs Tribales (Italy) - Glam Pop & Tribal Bellydance
Sun 12:30 - 14:30
You like Tribal bellydance but traditional ethnic music is not your favourite?  LST will show you Tribal BD steps & combos to make you dance with your favorite music. Bring your I-Pod and get ready to sweat!

Fire & Zsa Zsa (Germany) - Puppet Style!
Sun 3:00 – 5:00 pm
Let the incredible Fire and the notorious ZsaZsa show you a brand-new trend emerging on today's belly dance stages: Steampunk reloaded. Learn all about dazzling robotic moves and astonishing interactions between the “puppet master” and the “puppet” Let the strings rule!

March 12th 2012


Who are the European Ensemble which will perform at the European debut of “The Dark Side of the Crown” in Hanover 16th of March? They all have been through a competition (and not an easy one, be assured) and been chosen by Jillina. Hagalla’s own WoO Ticker will introduce them as follows. Part 3,  Southern Europe

Ana Percic (Slovenia)

Dance accompanied me since childhood and I tried a lot of different dance styes. I was also dancing and competing in street show and disco dance. Dancing is my way of life, but despite all the styles I tried, I found myself truly in oriental dance in which I fell in love four years ago. As my interest about the dance and the culture was (and is still) growing, I started to attend workshops and now I am visiting oriental festivals across Europe regularly. In the year 2011 I also become a member of the Amaya Dance Company (led by Manca Pavli) and we went on European tour with our show Bellydance Infusion Project.

Nefershu (Spain)

Nefershu is a professional belly dancer and has her own creative dance. She has done several solo shows also with live music. She was a member of a group formed by Sashar Zarif - Persian dance Spain. Nefershu travelled to Egypt to study folklore and Sufi dance. Performed with Al Nour troup company of dervishes of Cairo. Worked as a dancer at the festival Sundance festival in Cairo and danced with Nabil Mabrouk (Reda Troup). Collaborated on various shows alongside artists like Suhaila Salimpour, Helm, Yasmina Ramzy, Said El Amir, Unmata. Has been selected to participate with great enthusiasm in the show "Inmortal Desires" Bellydance Evolution by Jillina Carlano. Toured with it through Europe, Morocco  and Asia. Dancer and teacher guest at Orientalicious Festival by Aisa Lafour, Amsterdam. Principal dancer on Festival Orient Connection by Eglal, Prague. Principal guest dancer on the international meeting with Jillina, Amir Thaleb ... by Angeles Cayunao. Argentina.

Paula Yunis (Spain)

Paula Yunis is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of belly dance, Bollywood and fusions. She was born in Argentina, as a grandchild of Lebanese descendents. She grew up surrounded by her Arabian heritage. At 8 years old, she began her instruction in Oriental Dance and Martial Arts. She graduated from Amir Thaleb's Arabian Dance School, and for 6 years she ran her own Oriental Dance School in Viedma, Argentina. She arrived in Europe in 2005. She continued her dance training with the best Arabian Dance Masters from all around the world. She is also invited to different Dance Academies/Festivals, etc and Spanish and Foreign Dance Festivals, where she teaches intensive workshops and presents her performances. Thanks to these wonderful dances, Paula has been on stage in several cities from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal Morocco, Egypt, Japan, Dubai and India. In every place she offers her wonderful performances, whose style is unique, passionate, aesthetic and extremely expressive.

Hayal (Portugal)

Hayal is originally from Brazil and started with belly dance classes in 1997, since then she has studied with the top level teachers all over the world. In 2003 she moved to Portugal, in the beginning performed alone and in 2006 became an element of the Mahtab group where she works till today as a performer and choreographer. Hayal also lived in Egypt, where she danced daily in several hotels, and in New Zealand where she performed and taught belly dance.

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March 13th 2012


At festivals all talk is about the big stars on stage, mostly, but only rarely about the vendors and traders. Although your average festival visitor spends more time in front of or in between the stalls than in the audience. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to take a closer look at two of them:

„Oriental-Stars“  is a young business with online shop as well as a store.We specialize in gorgeous oriental jewellery, dance costumes and all sorts of props and accessories concerning belly dance – at unbeatable favourable prices. All articles are from chosen producers in India and Egypt.

At “Oriental-Stars” you will find a broad selection of fine and unusual ankle bracelets and many more items. Because our partners only use finest materials and all products are made by hand, every piece is an exclusive design in high quality. Besides “basics” like skirts and blouses we also offer picked professional dancers’ costumes from Egypt at sensational low prices. All costumes are made by hand and mostly one of a kind. Also at “Oriental-Stars” – Chinese fan veils in superb quality and shining colours.
Please visit us at our booth in 1st floor (2nd floor for Americans) or check us out at

In 2012 Magic Tribal Hair solely sells at the World of Orient trade fair! You will find us in room 8, ground floor (or first floor for Americans). I am working at my degree at the University of Cologne, but the online shop will stay open 365 days a year and will welcome you with many bargains the whole year round. If you wish to be informed regularly, just sign up for the newsletter! There are even special offers exclusively for newsletter recipients, now and then.

At the World of Orient Magic Tribal Hair will offer many items to put the icing on the cake or in better words: on your Tribal Fusion outfits!

There are numerous new Tribal Fusion combinations with hair and hip jewelry (belt clips), especially in turquoise-petrol, petrol-purple, black-dark red, leo look and shades of cream for Vintage.
Moreover a huge variety of fascinators and belt clips with peacock feathers, Steampunk accessories with real antique clock parts and cameos, a complete collection of especially lightweight dread falls, hair flowers to make your heads bloom... Not to forget the many little helpers of high quality kanekalon hair for big hair, long Rapunzel braids, playful Vintage hairstyles and wild pirate looks. Wavy hair falls come in a huge variety of colours and volume sizes and if your hair colour or structure is not in stock, just feel free to order a custom-made product – naturally without any extra costs! Ask for the colour combination for your hair colour and you are able to order hair falls comfortably from home! Never will you hear „I don't have this colour“ at Magic Tribal Hair's, because all hair colours are hand-mixed by me.

I am looking forward to welcoming you, best regards, Melanie Penners,

March 14th 2012


Who are the European Ensemble which will perform at the European debut of “The Dark Side of the Crown” in Hanover 16th of March? They all have been through a competition (and not an easy one, be assured) and been chosen by Jillina. Hagalla’s own WoO Ticker will introduce them as follows. Part 4, Germany:


Nashyra came from samba, salsa and jazz dance to oriental dance. As a native South American, she is famous for her temperamental and dramatic show choreography fusions that have been presented in performances and workshops in Poland, Russia, Norway, Ecuador and in various cities throughout Germany. She teaches in Frankfurt


Since 2000 Niniel is learning the oriental dance and attends classes of international belly dance instructors. She was also for a few months in Morocco and France to educate herself in Arabic dance. Since 2004 she’s teaching belly dance in several schools in Berlin (Germany).Niniel is mostly performing in Germany but also in foreign countries for television, Hotels, tourism and other international shows. For her belly dance performance she’s using veils, sword, cane and cymbals.


Selma is a Turkish belly dancer who lives in Munich (Germany). Her dancing is based on the knowledge and practice in jazz dance, hip hop and gymnastics. In addition, she is educated in classic oriental dance as well as Turkish and Arabic folklore. Since one year Selma has an engagement as a soloist with Azad Kaan’s professional dance group „Chillis". Furthermore she danced on many events of well-known companies, was engaged for 5-Stars-Hotels and acted as a background-dancer for artists like Amin Nia (Iran), international DJ Sven Väth and for a production for German Television (ZDF) etc. Moreover, Selma worked with a professional orchestra with 45 musicians (Para Ensemble) for classical Turkish music and toured in Switzerland for a special production. As a jury member on contests and as a performer she has been to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Russia.


Shalymar is an elegant and sensual dancer from Berlin, where she is teaching in her own dance school “Hayal”. Deeply devoted to Arabic music she found her vocation in oriental dance. Shalymar is performing nationally and internationally solo as well as in the ensemble “Chillis”. She has been chosen for the first show of Bellydance Evolution in 2010 and has been touring with the show to Hungary, Morocco, Taiwan, China, Czech Republic and Italy in 2010 and 2011.


Talia (Italien)

Tiziana Brunetti, “Talia”, professional dancer and dance instructor, begins to study belly dance in the 2004 with the best Italian and international teachers. She improves as dancer and instructor in the belly dance academy of Sarah Shahine in
Milan, one of the best in Italy. Her love for dance motivates her to practice others dances, such as Flamenco and Latin-American dances. As a dancer and a teacher she take part in several Italian belly dance festivals.
March 15th 2012

Guest drummer CASTANO about his job at BDE 2

Two years ago when Jillina arrived with her Bellydance Evolution for the first time, she brought two drummers with her, and a third one, a indigene one, was invited to play with the others. This was Tiziano from Switzerland, and he did a remarkable good job. This year several things have changed, also some of the persons, but again a guest drummer from Germany is
invited. This time it is Castano, and he will tell us how this all came into being:

Asmahan (the sponsor) is responsible that I got this unbelievable and unexpected opportunity. She called me on the phone and asked in her typical no nonsense manner, if I would care to be the guest drummer at the Jillina show.
It took a moment or two until I could say yes, first I had to digest these words. “Wow”, I thought, “Hanover … World of Orient … Jillina … “ At the same day I received a mail from Jillina and some hours later from Ozzy (Jillina’s regular drummer), sending me the tracks.

Since then I only take breaks for a bite to eat or a nap, the rest of the time I’m drumming. I want to be as good as possible. The way I feel already and after what I saw of it, the BDE show 2 will be breathtaking. Will be indescribable. Everybody in the audience, fasten seat belts, please!

May I add a few words about me? My dad is from Morocco, so I grew up with oriental music and know a thing or two about it. Later I started to make my own music, first with normal drums. Later I met my nowadays partner, Suhana  (we perform as Suhana-Castano). She enticed me to get back to my roots und find my love for oriental music again. I bought myself a darbuka, and here I am, sitting on stage with Jillina, Ozzy and all the rest. Suhana is nearly as exited as I am. (You can see Suhana & Castano perform at the normal festival shows.)

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