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15.03.13 - Greetings from Belgium - AMIRAH!
05.03.13 - "Mbote na bino batu ba lingaka kobina" - Greetings from SALWA!
19.02.13 - "Have your fantasies - As long as they are ..." - Interview with MOROCCO (USA)
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Nearly a tradition: the festival ticker with steaming hot, newer than newest news and notices around the big event. To make you nosy and to make you curious.
For the fourteenth time there will be Asmahan el Zein's "World of Orient in Hanover, Germany .
Main themes this year will be Latin America. And fashion. And catwalk and fanciful things. And world class dancer Anasma with her newest project, "Love Army". And all this for three full days.
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Tuesday, February 19th 2013

The Rumania-born dancer “Morocco” who lives in New York (USA) since her childhood, has travelled half the world to see unknown authentic folk dances and to find the truth beneath known ones. In March she will be honoured at World of Orient, Hanover for her lifetime achievement.

Interview with Morocco (New York/USA)
- by Konstanze Winkler
Have you ever been to Germany before?
Certainly, 2x a year from 1988-1998
Are you looking forward to being honored for your lifework achievement on  stage of the World of Orient in Hannover? Of course!

Trade Fair Special!
Saturday, March 16th 2013, 01:00 pm

Reading & Lecture "Meeting with Morocco"
50 Years Dance Experience LIVE!

Introduction of her book „You Asked Aunt Rocky – Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharqi & Raqs Shaabi“. Morocco speaks German!
The book is also available in English language.

Will this be the first tribute to your lifetime achievement outside of the US?
No. I was honored at "Celebrate Dance" in the UK

You wrote a new book "YOU ASKED AUNT ROCKY: ANSWERS & ADVICE ABOUT RAQS SHARQI & RAQS SHAABI (Oriental & Folk Dance).” Why did you write this book.
Because literally hundreds of dancers, who had been on the med-dance internet chat list & lots of others threatened to
break my neck if I didn't ... & it was time for such a book to be out there...

Who should read it?
Anybody who wants to know the truth about Raqs Sharqi (ORIENTAL dance – I do NOT use the insulting misnomer "belly"!) & Raqs Shaabi (folk dance/dance of the people)
Morocco's current book
And who better not?
Those who are afraid to confront their fantasies ... I do NOT tell them not to, just that these are the facts, learned "in culture" & from 50 years of research ...

Will there be more books from you, maybe your biography (even if this would fill half a book shelf?)
Yes - I'm currently working on a Syllabus of the movement vocabulary ... & as to my "biography": no. I want to be able to go back to several places that might not like what I write about them or where such "behavior" by a female might now land me in jail ... When I'm finished with this book, I intend to write a few murder mysteries, some of which will be set in the Oriental dance community (&, except for the murders, will be totally factual!)
Will there be a reading and/or a book-signing with you at the World of Orient fair ground?
Signing & question & answer session ...

We learned that you speak German fluently …
Nicht gar so fliesig ... aber ich kann mich erklaren ...
There is already a German translation of your book?
YES!!! By my dear friend, Sabuha Shahnaz ...
Are you still teaching Oriental dance and do you give workshops at the World of Orient?
Yes/ yes - in the Guedra, which is a trance ritual of blessing of the Blue People of the Sahara Desert.

Hope to hear from you soon and we are looking forward to meet you in Hanover.
You just did & ME TOO!!!

VERY warmly,
Tuesday, March 5th 2013

(Greetings to you dance lovers)

Salwa is a Belgian dancer of Congolese and Italian origin (and she is sending us a Congolese greeting, see headline). She has been teaching oriental, tribal ATS, and fusions dances in Brussels for eleven years. Her long-term experience with twirling dervish dance, salsa, hip hop, flamenco and ballet gives her unique style an original flavour. She was part in Jillina's Bellydance Evolution 2012 May tour, that was passing through Rabbat, Milan, Prague, Berlin and Maribor, Slovenia. Moreover, she reached the semi-finals in Belgium's Got Talent 2012 with a very sassy group choreography mixing tanoura dance, isis wings, fan veils, Goddess (*) and fusion hip hop dance. Her professional dancing skills are internationally acknowledged and she's regularly invited to many festivals in Europe. (*) We work everybody on one line and make slow moves with arms like the Hindu goddess that has many arms.

See Salwa dancing on stage of the Friday Evening Show - get your tickets now!

Friday, March 15th 2013


Hi, Hagallal! How are you? It's been a long time! I'm sending my greetings to the German people and I am very honoured to perform at the World of Orient festival! Over the last years I have had the opportunity to perform and teach at some great international festivals, such as "Bellyfusions" in Paris, "Fantasia Festival" in London, "Stars of Bellydance" in Bruges and had the chance to dance in Salwa's team on "Belgiums Got Talent". And now I am very much looking forward to perform in Hanover for the first time ... And enjoy this big festival!

Amirah - See her dancing tonight at the World of Orient Friday Gala!

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