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Magic Tribal Hair's workshop of ideas
Hairy-creative, hand-made ideas from Carnival to Tribal
Interview with Melanie Penners
by Konstanze Winkler
translation by Melanie Penners

Beguilingly real looking hairpieces of endless, long hair, wild creations with braids decorated with cowries and feathers, colourful flowers, steampunk feather headdresses ... more...

by Anna Maria Cancelli

(This is not Anna Maria Cancelli speaking, but Konstanze & Marcel, the publishers of this belly dance site, please forgive us, you all out there) ...
Tribal lace cuffs, tutorial

by Konstanze Winkler

You all know them, those short Tribal cuffs, which fit so nicely to a Gothic or vintage dance outfit.
Here’s a simple instruction for sewing these half gloves without a big effort... more...
MAGIC TRIBAL HAIR's workshop of ideas – Nearly anything is impossible!
From a modular system for tribal fusion accessories up to custom-made products

Interview with Melanie Penners, part 2,
by Konstanze Winkler, translation by Melanie Penners
is being propelled by steam!

Part 1 of the new steampunk collection has just come out!
by Melanie Penners

It's getting wild – which might not be a surprise to you, after Apsara Habiba's welcome! I have been working on many extraordinary products, last summer, and here are the first results! But why is it getting wild? more...
News from (Tribal) Paradise:
dancing together in the glow of Northern Lights!
The latest Tribal Fusion combinations and hair creations by Magic Tribal Hair
presented by Belly Dance Star Apsara Habiba
by Melanie Penners
In the blooming Tribal Summer of 2012 Magic Tribal Hair launched ... more...
peacock and (Red) Passion

Magic Tribal Hair equips for the Fall Tribal Session!

with Apsara Habiba,
by Melanie Penners

The latest long hair dreams and eye catchers with peacock feathers for your costume and hair ... more ...
When FIRE And ICE Embrace
Magic Tribal Hair has been realizing your latest hair dreams – from natural to Goth, Steampunk & Fantasy style!
- featuring Belly Dance Star Apsara Habiba
by Melanie Penners

Crafting your hair dreams has always been an interesting task to me, because ... more ...